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Vanessa @Vanessa

@temporaryDouchebag It's been tough, but I am pleased I was able to help him stay out of hospital/hospice. A small thing to do for someone who gave me everything.

Catching up with some NA, after spending the last 6 weeks seriously short of time while caring for my terminally ill Dad. He passed 6 hours ago, so trying to wind down with Adam & John. There are worse things to do...

I think I've just stirred up my first shitstorm on Twitter. The snowflakes aren't happy. 👍

@Dan_Ramos There haven't been many survivors interviewed, have there - just a few. And whatever the assumed resident count, it will no doubt be far, far higher. Every time our fraud team raided a block in Westminster, none of the benefit recipients were there. All "on holiday" aka subletting at the vastly inflated market rates in central London.

Summer choral concert this evening. Piano and guitar for me - busy evening!

@Arwalk Yup, got the album, although I haven't listened to it for a while... Might just have to load it up. 😀

@itm108 The book is fantastic, the film not so much. Misses the subtleties of the book.

@rwnash Same over here in Verwood. Lovely summer weather - not.

7 hours until the polls open. Friday could be fun. Or not.

@mysticgeek She has form for this. One of the things I dislike about her.

Another day when I'm selfishly glad I moved out of London a few years ago. Quiet village life suits me very well.

I'm so glad Adam set up this server otherwise I'd not have got to chat with you all. So good to have a place of (relative) sanity to hang out in on t'internet.

@yukiame @chris That's true. Charm and character are excellent traits in a fellow slave :-)

@chris Thanks. Have updated Time Buddy with Austin now, so I can keep up. 😊 Unfortunately I'll be out for most of it, so will have to catch up later. Expect it will be a good show.

@chris Which time zone is the 1pm? Just so I can calculate for BST. 😊

@Atom_Rocket I saw what Morrisey said. Completely agree with him. Political correctness has gone mad in this country. As for passing the details across; I really don't know. If they thought US intelligence could fill in background, they may have done. And equally the leak was here. Plays right into PM's hands in terms of state surveillance though. Easier to snoop on all of us & let people be blown up than dare to say or do something that might offend a religious group.

@Atom_Rocket What we're being told is that it wasn't and was made public by the US. But who knows the real truth of these things. Conspiracy theories abound...

@YoVinnie True. I lived in London at the tail end of the IRA stuff. A waste bin I perched on exploded 20 minutes after I left the area once. I got lucky. I had friends caught in the 2005 bombs (not killed, but forever changed). I get very angry and whilst I don't agree with random retaliation I despise the politics of appeasement, where we come second to the extremists. Sigh.

@ManInAbox Yeah, pretty much how I feel about it, too.