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I seem to have woken up grumpy (too early, that's for sure).

Here's something I won't be doing (from On second thoughts, maybe the Germans got it right, with die, der, das etc. Or maybe I'll self-identfy as Urk. Yeah, grumpy, in need of more sleep.

Big pharma strikes again..
NHS overcharged by millions for key drug, says watchdog

Yaay, managed to log in via an app again. No more error messages.

Guilty until proved innocent - by proving a negative.
Sacked Labour minister Carl Sargeant found dead

Now I'm getting 401 access token invalid errors.

In other news...
'Croydon cat killer': Harpenden mutilated rabbit 'linked'

Lovely weather all week, weekend arrives and it's pissing down. Typical.

Hmm, Amaroq had logged me out of here and now gives me an error message when I try to authorise it. Back to the web interface - or off to Android!

Catching up with some NA, after spending the last 6 weeks seriously short of time while caring for my terminally ill Dad. He passed 6 hours ago, so trying to wind down with Adam & John. There are worse things to do...

I think I've just stirred up my first shitstorm on Twitter. The snowflakes aren't happy. 👍

Summer choral concert this evening. Piano and guitar for me - busy evening!

7 hours until the polls open. Friday could be fun. Or not.

Another day when I'm selfishly glad I moved out of London a few years ago. Quiet village life suits me very well.

I'm so glad Adam set up this server otherwise I'd not have got to chat with you all. So good to have a place of (relative) sanity to hang out in on t'internet.

So Microsoft have ruined the iPad Onenote layout, making it like the phone version, which is crap. I liked the desktop-like iPad layout.😡

Just finished watching "Hypernormalisation" - it's still on the Beeb iPlayer. Wow, just wow. Of course all it really did was to reinforce things I already suspected, but still... Worth taking the time to watch.

Aww, cyber-attack means hospital can't put name tags on babies because the printers don't work.
They don't know how to write, then???

I do hate it when the working day completely ruins my ability to check social media. I had to work hard for a whole 9.5 hours. ☹️

Good start to the birthday weekend. The King Goblin is going down nicely.