Reading various social media sites saying “it’s ok, we’re safe, we’ve blocked Gab” - the latest being I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be interested in a lot of what is said there, though I’ve never really looked, but I don’t see why people want to block off anything they disagree with. On the one hand, it’s amazingly arrogant to believe you are always right, and on the other it’s naive to ignore the “other side” & pretend it doesn’t exist.

Huh. Just looked in on Twitter. Poured another gin (it’s evening where I am, not quite a drunk - yet).

So, my American friends... How did detention centres/camps for illegal immigrants suddenly become concentration camps? Not an association I would have made.

Sighhhh. Intermediate licence books have arrived. It looks all too horribly like O-level
Physics. Which I passed, more years ago than I’d like to admit to. Electronics and electrics aren’t my strong suits. Hey ho, much to learn, I guess.

Hilarious show today. Only part way through and been laughing so hard. That dog is a legend.

When you wake up in the morning and decide it’s about time to consider upgrading your radio licence from UK Foundation to UK Intermediate...

Sounds like the London meetup was great fun. Sorry I missed it, but not in London until this weekend. Good to know there’s other people like me in the UK!

Ha ha, listening to Grumpy Old Bens. So like my workplace:
“This doesn’t work”
“Oh.” Followed by “we’ve released a patch which fixes it. Can you test it”.
“Um, ok, it still doesn’t work”.
My last response was “do some testing before handing it over to me. I’m supposed to test the implementation not the basic functionality”.
Three years later... still not fixed.

Probably the first time I’ve tuned into the live stream - thoroughly enjoying the music, though not sure why that surprises me in the slightest!

Someone retweeted this into my timeline - best laugh of the day so far!

Yaay, when notifications arrive I know we’re back. Funny how much I miss this place when it’s down!

Hmm - shamelessly stolen from the Bird site, but no less worrying for that. UK government the worst ever.

Tuesday evening - about the time I start to suffer from No Agenda withdrawal symptoms...

Happy Easter for those who mark the occasion. Or not, in some parts of the world.

Sri Lanka explosions: 137 killed as churches and hotels targeted

Friday evening. Weekend is here - phew!

Hello, No Agendites. Having a really shitty day, so very much appreciating your random, and often entertaining, toots.

So it's come to this; I've got to the point where I'm listening to No Agenda episodes more than once.

Time for my late Sunday evening wind-down in the little bit of sanity that is No Agenda. Oh, and strawberry gin. That helps, too.
Roll on next week, see how many more ways the UK comes up with to subvert democracy and not actually uphold the result of a referendum.
Not really, I'd quite happily stick on Sundays forever, except that they can be my busiest days: walking and organ-playing duty.

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