Aaand out for a walk & told to back up down a pathway so someone can come out. “Still too close”. Better when she actually said she wanted to turn right onto the road. Then she comes out all masked up “you should act like you’ve got it”. Fine - perhaps she should stay home then. Don’t know how long I can hold my temper in - already. Grrr.

Well Thursday's show is going to be entertaining!

Sigh. Lockdown looms again, I suspect. Tomorrow I make the 300 mile drive home, after a couple of weeks spent with my “bubble” household. Real humans!! Back to solitude and probably a shitty few months. Still, at least I will be able to listen to No Agenda again - bit difficult to do with friends around.

I see the UK media are ramping up the fear factor ahead of tomorrow’s scheduled review of Covid restrictions. In a very British way, though. “Extreme concern”.

And yet elsewhere I read that the UK variant isn’t producing increased transmission elsewhere. Data issue perhaps? Or hyper-sensitive testing.

Meanwhile I’m having the most sociable Christmas I’ve ever had. In my perfectly legal “bubble”.

Ha. BoJo appears to be cancelling Christmas in large parts of the UK...

Really? Oh do fuck off, not in the mood today. Yay for “block this caller” on mobiles.
Don’t anyone mention Covid tiers in the UK. I’m feeling quite stabby at the moment - yeah I know, nothing new there. 😂

Here's a little thing I did this week. So good to get back to accompanying again.

Lots of people on my social media very happy with this result. According to the BBC, Biden got 74 million votes & Trump 70 million. Close to 52% - 48%, rather like a certain referendum in the UK. Which apparently should have been re-run as it was too close... 🤷🏼‍♀️

My guitar (on the left) is finished! Unfortunately I won’t get it for at least a month, thanks to lockdown.

Friend, earlier: "have booked us tickets for Wednesday" - just for a day out at s National Trust country park, as it is forecast to stop raining next week.
Media: "National lockdown being planned to start next Wednesday".
Where I live: infections/deaths all significantly below national average, despite an older population.
Me: 😡😤💣🔫🔪🪓

In other news, the puppy is still cute and my brother has nearly finished building my new guitar.

Pondering what fake name, address & phone no to use on the mandatory track & trace forms. 😈

Here we go... More testing, more positive "cases". Any excuse to imprison us.

Covid-19: Second wave now hitting the UK, says Boris Johnson

In other news, gratuitous puppy pic - she had her little op today, hence the onesie.

Ha ha. That would be the mask that lives in the back pocket of my jeans, which has actually just been washed. For the first time. 😇😂 The comments are hilarious - how perfect, so important to have so one always has a clean mask. 🤮

Probably been shared before on here, but hey. Science, data analysis & reason.

Ah bollocks. So this week I can go to the supermarket just as usual (reduced footfall, queues & "distancing" of course), but soon it will be compulsory to wear a face covering. Didn't have to when virus at its peak, but now I will. Logical..? Almost guaranteed to force me to online grocery shopping. Lockdown eases but mine gets worse. Or maybe I'll get me a Niqab & laugh at them all. Except - claustrophobia.

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