El Salvador started the year with 0 Covid because they sent ivermectin kit for free to every citizen

If I didn’t know better I might start to believe there exists on this Earth a government that actually cares about it’s citizens.

We can't even get inaccurate test kits mailed out! Stupid tests are all you get! Sorry you have covid, stay home and figure it out, or go to the hospital where they might help kill you! 🤮

Goes to show you where jewish money is concentrated. They haven't been totally bribed by Pfizer or Moderna to shill a totally unnecessary vaccine that doesn't even work and is just as likely to kill you as it is to "save" you until it destroys your immune system and you catch a bunch of other bugs directly because of it.

@TwistedEagle El Salvador has made bitcoin legal tender and also gives it's citizens cheap free covid treatments...based.

@TwistedEagle Meanwhile, 'first world' nations struggle to give good advice.

@TwistedEagle I feel like El Salvador is a massive libertarian shitpost.

First bitcoin now this

@TwistedEagle and when they show up here illegally passing the rona test…

@ns @TwistedEagle Someone also posted the videos the gov makes, they're exercising and having a healthy diet. So they got that right too.
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