@TurdFerguson @wdelaet oh my GOURD I have read a lot about the rooftop Koreans but that was epic footage I hadn't seen video before. What a great recap of everything. The hippity hoppity ending was fucking DANK.

My wife’s sister works in the town square. This is what was being distributed

90 U.S. doll hairs on Newegg

Team Group GX1 2.5" 960GB SATA III Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) T253X1960G0C1

@jennifer @panda_monium @DameTanya @professortom @yukiame @CSB one more thing I wanted to add. Lionel Richie in the Commodore years is my favorite music artist. I think that it's the real hook to close the deal, yes?

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Any Dames out there want to proof read my below dating profile and offer advice?
@jennifer @panda_monium @DameTanya
@professortom, @yukiame & @CSB keep your traps shut.

Looking for someone to hangout, travel and enjoy life with. I have 3 potlickers that are grown up and despite my best efforts have turned out to be halfway responsible adults. If you think from my pictures I am all about the sex then save us both time and swipe left. Sense of humor is a must

I thought this was going to be some crappy home made kiln but this dude went off on this project.


P&L for a Seattle Restaurant
An 8 minute video walks through his real data for March, April, and "closed".

Selling $40K of take out in April resulted in a $12K net loss; he could have lost $10K by being closed instead. The hope is he can get sales back to $60K (break even) with limited in house dining.

He projects losing $40K in 4 months before he starts making money again. Your typical small business owner can't afford it!

I think we should all download Plandemic and upload it to YouTube.

This made me laugh
"Pot lickers"
Applied to a human being, “pot licker” means a low and contemptible person, one with no pride and no principles. ... A “pot licker” is a mongrel dog, most often a nondescript hound mix, no good for hunting and generally considered worthless.Sep

They are saying most of it was an upthrust which produced a crack and then water eroded it.

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What,........... The heck they are now saying the grand canyon was not mostly carved by the river......

I have always thought there was something jinky there. But it's goes to show you today's facts are tomorrow's opinions

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