Okay the kid that shows up about halfway through is the funniest part 2 minute video


Thank you to everyone who contributed a Bernie meme to the feed. I needed a good laugh

I sent this meme to my friend who is like a sister and got this back.

Our country was nearly destroyed by a violent attempted coup encouraged by a egotistical deranged conman, please let me witness a momentous inauguration in peace!

I think the announcer Michelle... on npr is going to cry

I went to school with this guys little brother who is also a great musician

Watch "The R$dio D%sn&y Versions Are Available Now!" on YouTube

Hey bumble isn't working as a hook up app for me it must be broken, yeah that's it it can't be my photos

Republican’s 2020 is the Democrat’s 2000.
Call it even

I am encouraged to see no one participate the world is safe.

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In order to keep track of companies deplatorming send the following 5 items to hashtag

1.) Victim Person/company being deplatformed:
2:) Link to source:
3:) Short description/summary:
4:) Current Date:
5:) Dated Deplatformed.

After purchasing The Threes by Klipsch 6+ months ago I find I still am surprised at the clarity and full sound(FLAC) it produces.

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