Deeply closeted gay guy, Norm Mcdonald on Larry King show

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Has anyone walked their cat? How do train them to wear a harness?

🚨 BREAKING – 🇹🇼 10 Chinese PLA Air Force planes entered the southwestern ADIZ of Taiwan on September 17, 2021.
ROCAF has deployed patrol aircraft & air defense missile systems to monitor activity.

@TurdFerguson the government lies and lies and lies.. It’s all they do. There are plenty of super cuts filled with the lies ejected from the foaming mouth of our minister of health, Hugo the Clown. Whenever he says “we are never going to do X”, X is exactly what happens.

So, we wage war to educate 100 girls at boarding school while >300,000 women, girls, boys, the elderly, and men died from war.

War is a terrible method for making change and building equality and justice.

But it's the SOP.

[Please, Go On with James Hohmann] The secret to a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan? Educated girls.

Article by Dr Marty Makary
“The incorrect hypothesis that natural immunity is unreliable has resulted in the loss of thousands of American lives, avoidable vaccine complications, and damaged the credibility of public health officials.”

Never got into the BBQ thing/smoking meats. Its great while eating but the after affects are terrible.

So sick. FDA knows how much ivermectin is being dispensed and they are alarmed. What the F' were they doing when the billions of opioid scripts were printing money for pharma. Nothing alarming there

there should be like and dislike buttons on internet ads

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