We are going to start having our card fall apart while driving over pot holes

Pro tip for cats:

When a cat shows you their belly, they're not saying "Please touch my belly!"

They're saying, "I love and trust you."

Your response should be to pet their HEAD and back, not their belly. The belly is just to show you their trust – most cats actually hate it when you touch their belly.

After discussion on the importance of a good signature I thought I would send you this to comment on.
@Johncdvorak @adam


US substantial increase in Covid19 cases indicates a SUBSTANTIAL Third Wave of the pandemic.


My apartment smells like French toast.

@TurdFerguson @adam looks fixed. Unsubscribed and then resubscribed. Good now.

@adam looks fixed. Unsubscribed and then resubscribed. Good now.

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I think the RSS for today's show is ducked today @adam

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