Something to ponder:

Proclaiming that a large percentage of people in the public eye are CIA assets or ops is outwardly a redpill, but inward, a blackpill.

Western governments are just a bunch of schemers. They have the things they want to happen, and they legislate, decree, deal, bribe, cripple, hamstring, communicate, reward in every way possible to keep headed towards those goals.

Everything is a scheme/scam/manipulation.

Yanks ! What are your thoughts on Canada ?

If anybody proficient in clipping shit could clip the "say hello to Klaus" at 1:22ish of this Leary bit, that would be cool

disclaimsauce: I don't own the rights or whatever..

No kids tonight, wife passed out already, I killed the beers but dug up a bottle of vodka.. Need ya'll to settle an argument I'm having with myself. What's better

Someone tell the powers that be that they released their genetically modified mosquitoes too early for a cold, dry spring. These bastards are getting desperate

Municipalities in BC are rapidly drafting "resolutions" to Members of Parliament to "condemn and remove Putin". There was no local referendum on this.

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