Dangit! Thought I parked 5 miles out of town so I could sleep. Gotta b up in 4h to finish my run and the town has to fire off their fireworks a frickin quarter mile from me. FUCK!!!

@Truckdriver2 @MartinJJ yeah the point of calling everyone a nazi is bad bc is make the word commonplace and that is bad. He probably quit the conversation bc his mom yelled down that the meatloaf was done and dinner was ready.

@ChristiJunior @NEETzsche @Truckdriver2 @akeno I don't think there are many true believers left on the left.
People know they truth, it's just doesn't pay to say it out loud anymore.
@Orakel @NEETzsche @Truckdriver2 @akeno I really can't tell trolls and true believers apart these days :confusedsmile:

@Truckdriver2 No. the below ones fight to protect corruption.

RSBN is broadcasting from Mt Rushmore and protesters have shut down the roads into the event.


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