@adam @Johncdvorak RE: EP1209, Australia fires and the rain sticks. You missed something! You played a report in which the reporter states 330mm of rain fell. 330mm is 33cm. 33! That magic number! Your rainsticks TRULY ARE MAGIC! Way to go!

@adam it's Christane Amanpour, not Anampour. Got the N and M backwards.

Huh, 330mm of rain is 33cm. 33 folks!!! It's the magic number

I think @Johncdvorak should read a little bit of The Constitution for every level check

Question: is there any way to set my account so that only No Agenda social followers can follow me? I'm getting a lot of weird followers who are associated with No Agenda who are trying to follow me who arent associated with No Agenda social and I don't trust them. Thanks a lot guys

Watch "Virginia Governor's Order To Ban Guns At The Capitol Upheld In Court: Now What?" on YouTube

Sorry about that folks, an unexpected issue occurred at a time when I was not able to deploy a fix. Thanks for your patience, er, courage.

Iranian SAM operator: "Alexa, what's the weather like?"

Alexa: *chime* "Locked on nearest target... launching full barrage..."

Iranian: "No! Alexa, STOP! Stop! Alexa, Stop!!!"

Alexa: *chime* "I found 'Depend Adult Diapers with extra absorption' would you like to buy it?"

Iranian: *groans* "... yes."

Do you want to rock?

We have the solution for you!

Tune in NOW to the No Agenda Stream for the Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show with DarrenO.

Then, stick around for the amygdala shrinking service provided by @adamcurry & @THErealDVORAK at no extra charge!


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