Watching the most recent American Horror Story, the reptilian, alien , hybrid season.... i have only seen 1 episode but ....god damn!

Headed to San Antonio to take a look at a house, $355 flight, $168 hotel downtown for 2 nights. rental car for 2 days, cheapest option available $2250 for a VW jetta WTF! LETS GO BRANDON!

Anyone know where I can purchase a fake mask. Gonna have to fly to texas in the next week. The link i had saved no longer works

After months of making offers and being disappointed, we finally got an offer accepted in scenic hills, San antonio. Already packing my bags, screw California

Midnight Mass is a good show on Netflix. Check it out.

Anyone have any good supply shortage memes?

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Noticing a new trend in California, I have seen 6 "don't tread on me" flags on houses in the last week. I had never seen this before

If anyone has the ability, it would be a great business idea to start printing t shirts with the phrase " Lets go Brandon" on them

Did Rogan get cancelled? He has not posted a new episode since September 15th. That is a pretty long break

@adam here is a great new Leanna Wen clip stating that vaxxed people carry more virus than unvaxxed and " we need to be careful arounnd our unvaxxed children!" From NPR

HOLY SHIT! A truly somewhat fair and balanced report about vaccines, mandates, and hesitation. On youtube from San Jose, CA local news. I give these guys props for this. It isnt completely fair, but better than almost anything I have seen in months

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Take 3 minutes and help these guys keep trending on YouTube.

We went to bed with the American Dream/ and woke up in Night-merica.

Watch "Propaganda" on YouTube

Currently in new mexico, staying in Roswell, just found out they have an indoor mask mandate, how strict are they anout it? How do the people here feel about it?

Hit up the Grand Canyon today on the 1st leg of my drive to Texas, beautiful place, no one except for a couple of old people and of course dipshit Californias were wearing masks. The masktard signage was on a whole notha level

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