NAS, I need help. My ex wants to get my two teenage children vaxxd and I'm totally opposed. I have a few good sources but hoping the nas community might have more. Any links to legitimate medical papers, articles or videos supporting the position would be very much appreciated!

@TonusPonens the fact that it is experimental should be enough. Just have her listen to the last few episodes, especially the Peter McCullouhg (probably misspelled) clips.

@TonusPonens simply explain that the risk of covid for their age group is less than the risk of the side effects of the vax. make sure she knows that over 5000 people in the US have died fromthe vaccine, and that the risk is simply unacceptable for people so young

she is probably one of the misinformed dim B that thinks that a much much higher percentage of people who get covid end up in the hospital or dead, than they really do

@TonusPonens if she still resists, say ok, they can get the vax but only if they never ever ride in a car again, as their chances of dying in a car crash are over ten times as high as the chance of dying from covid

@TonusPonens play the tape of the last show 1 in 333 children will have an extremely adverse reaction to the PFIZER VAX . Are the kids obese or have any other medical issues like respiratory disorders? If not this is no threat to them. The only reason she would Vax the kids must be because she hates them or she is a Sheeple idiot.

@TonusPonens Dr. Peter McCullough, MD on is the video discussed earlier.

@TonusPonens Might have this already but a very good source:

@TonusPonens how do the kids feel about it? Teens like 16-17 or teens like 13-14?

@TonusPonens First off don't try and convince her about how the propaganda is wrong. That will never work. Use information she already agrees with. Like how about comparing the total risk reduction rather than the relative risk reduction. for a teenager, taking the vaccine will reduce their risk of death by like 0.01%.
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