Today in 1879 a tiny force of less than 150 British soldiers repulsed an attack on the mission station at Rorke’s Drift by over 3,000 Zulu warriors.

@TomNovak A great argument for the bolt action repeating rifle...

@BlueDouche @TomNovak

With proper gun control, the land would have reverted to its rightful owner 110 years earlier.

@TomNovak @BlueDouche

The interesting part is that the Bantu get a free pass for genocide of the bushmen.

And there is no real accounting on what fraction of Bantu in South Africa are there because of job opportunities resulting from Boer and British, and what fraction was there before.

@Viking @TomNovak One of the many stellar benefits of gun control.

It works; just ask the Nazis & Soviets!

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