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Someday you Potty-Mouths will thank me for this.

Here's the first four episodes of Petticoat Junction stitched into a movie:

1963 Brilliant.

For Halloween 2020
I'm going as Lee Van Cleef.
(just in case )

Listening to Joanna Lumley reading Ian Fleming is heavenly 👼🏻

~ Casino Royale.

Shape-Shifters beware - ACB gets voted in next Monday.

CCP connections and “total depravity” is going to come forward in the next “24-48 hours” so that Joe Biden has to answer for it at the debate.

I’m just hoping it’s in time for Thursday’s NA show!

The FEMA camps in the USA will be full of Anti(fa)-Trump Canadians awaiting deportation in 2021.

Better go now...


Commie China is a paper dragon. They sneak around but haven't fought anyone since the 50s.

Butt SLAM them!!!

Fuck these Asians and their mask slave cultures.

Keep that evil out of the West!

Stevie Nicks must have dementia or Mega-MAGA TDS.

She's unhinged.

My iPad was typing "p"s on it's own. So tooted them 🤣

Must be a bluetooth keyboard under pressure in a backpack somewhere around here... 🤔

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Now that it's Halloween and all his horror movies are playing, whatever happened to Harvey...

Asking for a spook 🤔

Was cutting up a fallen tree with an axe, six heart attacks later, came back for the Milwaukee Sawzall and fifteen minutes later:


Greatest tool ever!

Hector: We're waiting for the light to change.
Reggie: We do not cross against the lights.
Samantha: Are you nuts 'Auntie' Regina?

You can still order in time for Halloween, if you act...


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