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Someday you Potty-Mouths will thank me for this.

Here's the first four episodes of Petticoat Junction stitched into a movie:

1963 Brilliant.

But "Landslide" I know. "Blood Bath," surely. "Ass-Whoopin," indeed.

Is ANTIFA rioting in London yet?

Need a report from boots

I'm digging listening to all this 80s Japanese City Pop - I have no idea what these girls are singing about but it's so darn cute.

This must be what being Uncle Joe Biden is like... 🤔

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Trump just whacked the Ass-Hos for more tariffs!

It's a trap - for THEM! and they don't see it. Ha!

FYI: Chi-coms aren't Chinese. Take them down.

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@mrmcmayhem Ii have tried to get him to set up a mic and headphones. It's just not going to happen with him. Old coot!

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Reverse Common Core:

Anti + Trump = Liar

Today in 1981:

Commie tanks were rolling through Poland to suppress rebellion.

Never surrender!

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Oh @TomNovak It tis a fine day to be a Cracker! Think I'll work on my toxic masculinity today too!!!

Did you notice the Limeys told the commies to fuck off? And in no uncertain terms.

Today, just like every day, is a good day to be white.

Now Showing : The Battle of Britain (1969)

"If you think we're going to gamble on Herr Hitler's guarantees, you're making a grave mistake. All those years in England seems to have left you none the wiser. We're not easily frightened. Also we know how hard it is for an army to cross the Channel. The last little Corporal who tried came a cropper. So don't threaten or dictate to us until you're marching up Whitehall... and even then we won't listen." ~ Sir David Kelly (Ralph Richardson)

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Haha! That for your stream, Roundeyes!

Now back to japanese jazz...

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