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Someday you Potty-Mouths will thank me for this.

Here's the first four episodes of Petticoat Junction stitched into a movie:

1963 Brilliant.

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Why are the Hong Kong slaves so in-obedient? They should be happy China is providing water!

Finally: rain, glorious rain.

Aaaah. Thank you, rainstick shakers everywhere!

"Hey! Give me a break. I'm impeaching, gun-grabbing and baby-killing too!" frustratedly shouted Tulsi at CNN in the Democratic Debate tonight.

Dateline Hong Kong:

They're burning LeBron jerseys in the street 🤣

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@monerica Colleges also enjoy tax exempt status and some of those refuse free speech rights to students, partner with America's enemies and make more money than small countries.

"LeBron is an arrogant, soulless nobody." ~ Seedman

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Just learned the hard way that a memory foam mattress only lasts a year in a Semi-Tropical Mostly Aquatic Environment.


Today's Music Lesson: Nothing angers the negroes more than proving you can out-jazz and blues them, without breaking a sweat, while formally dressed.

Thank you, I'll be playing in the White Lounge all week (surrounded by my Varangian Guard). Tip those hostesses. And Good Night! 👌

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China is...

Oh, and for all you Varangians, October 9th was Leif Erikson Day!


Spent the weekend OTG with family and friends, none of whom have the slightest idea of the titanic forces presently clashing for control of space and time.

~ I didn't say a word...

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Back when I brewer professionally, we had a Czech-style Pilsner named Snopes Family Pilsner (after the infamous family from Faulkner’s novels—we were just outside of Oxford, you see) and I still have a shirt with the logo.

When I wear the shirt, Dimensh A friends say, “Dude, you’re wearing a Snopes shirt? WTF mate?” And Dimensh B friends say, “Snopes! Can you believe some people think they’re a leftist propaganda outfit?” And my reply is always, “No no no no no, it’s a BEER.”

I would take some Hong Kong Protestors video and back it with this track... but the original is just too damn good to mess with...

"Here comes the Big Boss, let's get it on!"

The name "Christopher" means the Christ bearer.

Happy Indigenous Day!

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