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Someday you Potty-Mouths will thank me for this.

Here's the first four episodes of Petticoat Junction stitched into a movie:

1963 Brilliant.

Many years ago I read all of James Clavell's novels, and one thing I remember from one of them is:

"There are only two things the Chinese won't eat, wolf's heart and dog's lung."


"Hell, the Hospital is empty and all the Devils and Doctors are here" ~ Feste (paraphrasing Will from The Tempest).

Can't wait to get my:

"I Had Chinese Corona-Virus Before it Was Cool"


All of those vast, futuristic, high-rise, cement and glass cities that have risen magically in the last two decades will be empty, crumbling, skeletal, cavernous wastelands in the next two.


(they already are, btw, Chin-ah didn't get the pour right - whoops 😎 )

Whatever in the world the USA needs is a phone call away for DJT.

Unless it's something Democrats, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Academia, M5M or Bill Gates controls 🤔

Off by a factor of 4 to the better, 6 day old model.

Maybe @adam was right with his Apr 6th date...

US B-25J of 499th 'Bats Outta Hell' Bomb Squadron of 345th 'Air Apaches' Bomb Group attacking Japanese Type-C Escort Vessel No. 1, in Taiwan Strait south of Amoy (Xiamen), China, 6 Apr 1945

Oh & ITM @TomNovak 36F under a really cloudy sky. Winter storm watch from last nite at 2300 hours through Thursday 1700 hours.

Supposed to get between 3 & 4 feet up at this altitude. Snow levels down to 4500 feet. 60F day before yesterday.

Fuel is still $3.23/g and Gavin Newsom is still a commie cunt...

"It's a New Economy," they said.

"Learn to code," they said.

"Move to a Sanctuary City," they said.

"Walls are racist," they said.

"Take this vaccine," they'll say...

Although we’re not starting to go back to work today as I predicted a month ago, there’s definitely positive sentiment.

Hey! The Dogwoods flowered overnight, it's officially... Spring.


So the Governor of Connecticut was caught using a dead infant to forward his attempt to gain federal funds? Evidently this infant was smothered to death by its caretaker, who called the police, who called the ambulance. The baby arrived DOA to the hospital. The Governor then went on Twitter or whatever online messaging he uses, and told the world this dead infant tested positive for Coronavirus and then proceeded to tell us the baby died of the virus, knowing good and damn well how the baby really died.

People are calling for the Governor's resignation. Others are calling for his arrest. None of that will probably happen. What needs to happen is someone needs to take him out back and beat the Democrat out of him! Physical pain is something they understand right away! Piece of shit!

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