Figured some of you would appreciate this; A picture of white privilege from my hometown circa 1911.

Kyle throws out a 33... the article he references says 31.4... Hmmm...

Be on the lookout for the “Truth & Reconciliation Commision.” I assume that this will become a talking point as we get closer to Election Day.

If Trump wins with 333 electoral votes, let’s just be honest... @adam & @Johncdvorak are interfering with election to garner support for the show.

This via Kevin McCullough:

I’ve got a Mac application that won’t open. I’d like to delete it as I no longer have a use for it, but when I try to move to trash, it can’t because it says the app is open. Anyone got suggestions?

Twitter appears to be down... is it a hack or a glitch???

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Bro the meme markets are literally fucking shaking right now tendies all over the floor

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ITM errbody!!! Let’s all chip in & build Chicago back better!!

ITM... first time I’ve been able to listen live for a while... checking into the livestream, @darrenoneill has it going on as usual... I must say, the conspiracy theories about Trump’s COVID19 diagnosis, by MSM have been hilarious!

I have an idea for POTUS while he’s quarantined with COVID19... a daily 30 minute podcast discussing the “topics of the day.”

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