All of the SC meetup pictures are so bittersweet. Lots of lovely people and happiness - but damn I wish I could have made it!

Come get'cher show notes! Show notes here!

@lavish and @Boo_BuryMothman going live now on!

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@Tjunta @Pidgeycat Here’s some old stuff of mine.

I sent some other stuff I’ve been putzing around with to boo for intermission purposes.

I’ll probably put some of that stuff somewhere eventually when there’s enough of them to make it worth it.

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Nolochek Meat UPDATE! Our order came fast and we just tried the bacon. Our houseguests are now new customers. Tonight we have the polish sausage and 7 year cheddar.

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Evidence confirming the news story from a few shows ago about the kids with Hepatitis.

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LIVE! TONIGHT! 7 PM CT/ 8 PM ET join me in the smoker for Episode 286 of Hog Story. I want to know, should pizza be crustless? I'll be taking your calls LIVE, so call 430-201-4841.

@fletcher and I will be doing a LIVE show after No Agenda this coming Sunday!



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I'll be taking over the No Agenda Stream TONIGHT! LIVE! 7 pm CT/ 8 pm ET for episode 286 of Hog Story!

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He shook me and told me to wake up.
Told me to open my eyes and see.
Then he said "follow me".
He has shed a light on the path for me
And now I know where I am meant to be.
It has not been easy and the journey will continue to test me - but the freedom, satisfaction and fulfillment on the horizon will be well worth the effort and sacrifice.

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Join us for episode 94 along with the bard and chicken nugget juice producer @Tjunta


Behind The Sch3m3s is LIVƎ tonight!

730/930/1030 eastern

Leave us a Scream mail 612-263-7999

You can listen here!

You can listen here!

Most incredibly LIT on!

Chat in the #greenroom with the hottest bot on the net Gal!

@lavish @Boo_BuryMothman

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TONIGHT 730p 930c 1030e
Behind the Sch3m3s
@Tjunta joins @Boo_BuryMothman and I for episode 94. We discuss lobotomizing chickens, Russian military vehicles drawn as waifus, the recent spew of food processing plant fires, and other crucial subjects
Check us after Hogstory with @fletcher and @CarBlanez33, which is streamed at
Listen Live

Leave a scream on our scr33mline
(612) 263-7999
art by @Bags

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What in the actual flock?

When is nap time over?

From every angle the Canadian Govt is still attempting to coerce its citizens to get the jab. Iwas fired from my municipal government job for misconduct (not taking the jab), declined EI because I was fired (for bot taking the jab), refused grievance by the union (because I didn't take the jab) all of which I am pursuing to the Federal judiciary (Supreme Court).

Meanwhile the jabbed are getting sick.


They and them pronouns is an NLP psyop to keep people from asking them who they are!

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Tomorrow is a full moon. "The Sugar Making Moon" as the Menominee Injuns call it.

I'm glad to see we are not alone in our gardening and brooding interests. Next up: keeping bees! 🐝 Does anybody have any tips or resources for beginners?


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