@Zennblack considering bread and circuses are what run the public, it's mind boggling that they keep taking away both.

@icedquinn @Zennblack

I think they want us angry so we act out in a violence. Then they will be able to justify the true police state

@Tinyhouse4life @icedquinn

Yes. Much worse in Australia though. They let it go too far. No choice for them now. We need to form our own parallel society here in the US. Money talks.

@Zennblack @icedquinn

I agree 1000% about the parallel society. I have been planning for that for the last 5 years. I hope others will join me before it's too late.


I'm starting to think this is not only the only solution, but also the best.
@Zennblack @icedquinn

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