This photo is from my collection. Carolina Beach sunrise
Hope everyone has a

Good night frens. Gotta get some beauty sleep. Look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. See ya

Bloviating Speech from Big Swindlers in Bureaucratic Services.

Finally I was all done!

About 30 minutes of work. Buying the floral stuff made it much easier.

My Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty are from Pier 1 several years ago. The table runner was a Home Goods find this month.


Happy Birthday, USA!

This is a really blurry sasquatch allegedly. Reminds me of this awesome podcast called blurry creatures

Check out this podcast: Blurry Creatures via @PodcastAddict

I’ve been harvesting raspberries and blackberries every day for a few weeks now… not sure what the total poundage is but I would guess I’ve got 8-10lbs of raspberries. I’m starting to get tired of berry picking… the only thing I’ve really made so far was a small test batch of jam which was good but too sweet so I’m going to make more with less sugar next time. Anyone got any favorite berry recipes??

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