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“We’ve studied graphene and grahene oxide nano technology for a few years now. In brief, yes, it is conductive, it can store memory, it can recieve wireless signals and reform itself by extracting nutrients from the body and using the carbon to replicate. It attracts synthetics, spike protiens and bacteria together to create structures extremely difficult for immune system to remove. (Morgellons)”

► It not only receives #wireless signals, it #activates via them. And yes, it will attract synthetics, the #spike #proteins and #bacteria (also the mycoplasma bacteria bioweapon which is also inside the Morgellons nanobots & dispersed via the Charles Lieber nanobots) and aggregate them. The #DARPA #Hydrogel is what causes the #Morgellons #prion #disease. And yes, it is hard for the immune system to remove. The part that went wrong is to claim that the EMF and 5G towers will help to dissolve the rGO. That is only confusing the matters.

“Here we are in September 2022 looking down the barrel of the Russian gun, doubling down on support for a corrupt regime in a bankrupt failed state infested with Nazis, running out of weapons, facing economic decline (collapse even – name an industry that doesn’t need energy or a person that doesn’t need food), a cold winter, rising inflation.

“Does that sound like something designed by smart people? And it didn’t just suddenly happen – it’s been building for years.”


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Teach them well: Child says “Grass is stupid. We live in a desert.”

Manifest Destiny, prophecy, and the Perfect Lawn: How Mormon ideals lead to unsustainable water usage in Utah.

Interestingly, Deseret is not mentioned in this well written article linked to on Drudge.


Who has upgraded to iOS 16? I am rocking a xr will 16 be too much?

Wow! If you thought Puuutin was barely coherent, read Labrov’s presentation at the UN today!

This rambling mess of word salad should make all the NATO c***-gobblers cream themselves with delight!

Just kidding. As usual, Russian diplomats articulate a damming indictment of the West’s behavior and articulate a course of action related to criminal events in 404 [Ukraine].


A belated Happy Equinox!

We have passed from day into night, light into darkness, life into death.

At two hours long, this video of Phil Schneider discussing his supposed involvement in developing Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) will not be as interesting as his description of a shootout with aliens under Dulce, NM.

This is pertinent because of his tangential relationship with the Denver International Airport. DIA is of interest because Authorities in Denver are providing ‘bug-out bags’ on September 24, leading to speculation that something will happen then.


From Drudge:

What is going on with those fingers?? This has to be a medical condition.

The Fibonacci Method of breathing is a superior breathing exercise, an amygdala preserving thing that anyone can do.

Yes it is as good as aerobic exercise. Yes it reduces blood pressure. Yes it is simple.

In via nose/Out via mouth:



When Trump emerged to the crowd in Ohio last night the flag behind the curtain lacked stars.

Can anyone confirm this is a battle flag of some sort indicating no quarter or prisoners?

For thoughtful well sourced commentary bookmark awfulavalanche.wordpress.com/. The blogger posts stories sourced from reporters in the Donbass region and offers insights into the general political situation.

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Liberated from Gab

“On this day 2 years ago today some people effed around and found out”

Happy Rittenhouse Day

“Guess Who’s Back” is a German movie comedy in which Adolf Hitler is transported somehow through time to 2014. At over ninety minutes it is on the long side.

Not all the way through but so far it has been thoroughly enjoyable.


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From: Feb 2022, CPAC

Clip: Tulsi Gabbard warning to “the people” of current FJB administration, as she quotes the intent of our founding fathers (-8:00)

Full (25min) youtu.be/vqaN7MrhyvU

I thought her speech is worth re-watching and sharing

What is the best PC program for making posters flyers etc? Using Surface Pro X.

Merry Christmas!

On this September 11, let us remember that per Revelations 12, the Messiah was born this day in the year 3BC, on the Feast of Trumpets.


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