Can’t miss the ‘33’ on the gentleman’s shirt

Dutch farmer explains what his government are doing to their industry: "I never wanted to believe it(a secret agenda)neither in conspiracy theories, but all these conspiracy theories turn out to become true"

H/T Washington Pundit

Started watching Resident Alien and heard the funniest dad joke I've ever heard.
"You can't trust your balls. They're nuts!"

Built-in obsolescence. I bet the “Green New Deal” will sneak in some proviso to change the three-pronged plug/outlet…just to screw us all. They may demand we adopt some European shit as well.

boost this toot if you are opposed to your tax dollars going to subsidize $80K electric vehicles for families earning $300K

@SirBemrose A raspberry Pi loaded with Libre elec + Kodi and a nas with media on it would be the "private Netflix" you were talking about on grumpy old Ben's.

Kodi can be installed on just about anything so you don't realy NEED the rasPi but it a decent low power media hub

I can't seem to find the oschi app (the farmers market app) that @adam was talking about on the Breedlove V4V episode. Even the beef inicitive doesn't mention it on their site.

Anyone know where to find it? Thank you.

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