So this just happened to @Eliza and I really wanted to know the significance of December 31 1969. Turns out its all down to a Unix issue. The system on there end either lost our "shipping date" and Unix defaults to dec311969

The article where i found the info

Just placed an order on chewy and apparently I need to find a time machine.

Sooooo....what if this rocket was made in wuhan;? Just saying

I'm very curious about how this works as well. She said its an eye drop that induces vomiting, and my mind immediately wondered if this is like a forced epileptic flash in the eye or something different. I know drugs like acid can be consumed through the eye, but this makes me wonder how many medicines are being developed with the eye as the target absorption area. Is this causing the brain (via the eye) to make the dog throw up or some visual effect?
Any vet offices (or anyone else) on here familiar with this product? While doing some browsing for products to introduce to the office I work at, I found this. The vet is interested, but I wanted to see if anyone has experience with it. Any input is appreciated.

The virus came from a lab? Ooooh noooo say it ain't so, who could have ever guessed this!?
I just have no words to convey how stupid these people are. Can we just take over an island and make NA Land?

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose I pulled up my WiFi today and look what I found. Not only are they offering to detect motion in my home, they want to charge me for it!

@TigerMcMeowMeowFace @TaggyT Of course all 3 are on file for slave review:

Atlas Shrugged I.mp4 925MB

Atlas Shrugged II The Strike.mp4 1GB

Atlas Shrugged III Who Is John Galt.mp4 1GB


This is why I know UBI won't work. I thought if we pay people they would at least stop bitching about being victims. Then I remembered this scene and many similar I've seen play out in reality. Victims blame their saviors more than they blame anyone.

Watching atlas shrugged 1 just got to this point... What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Managed to get my grubby hands on the 3 atlas shrugged movies, worth watching or just delete?

Maybe they told the vaccinated to keep wearing the masks and even double mask because they knew about the spike shedding. But maybe didn't expect it to be in ever bodily fluid.


This is the site that @Medus turned me on to. It has worked well.

I've only mined Etherium, and for my hardware that seemed to be the best bang for the buck. Can easily turn that into ADA or whatever you'd like after payouts.

@darrenoneill I was wondering what resources you may have on hand on how you got started with etherium mining, or preferable, cardono ADA? I was going to ask David from fun fact Friday, but I'm unable to located him here.

Has anyone thought about starting a "Covid coin" no idea how it would work. Maybe linked to positive "cases" or maybe the vaxed. Last one standing gets the pool? I'm going to hell for that :p

CoinBase is now offering some waitlist to get a Bisa debit card, tied to your coinbase account. Spend your crypto like USD? even at ATMs, they convert to usd right there. Is this going to be a good move for crypto or a way for the banks to put a stop to this?

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