Anyone seen Continuum? Have been binge watching it all day. I feel like we are going down the path of a corporate Congress, but the idea of Liber8 wouldn’t work today, no one trusts government or corporations, atleast the ones paying attention.

@martin @TigerMcMeowMeowFace
Uncancellable microtransactions in games, martin that would be so cruel! EA would love it

@TigerMcMeowMeowFace @agates

Oh that could be awesome - Like, you can play the games while streaming. Did you die? Well you can buy another life with a boost ;)

@jeegsy here is a picture to show what it looks like in a real setup. I have a custom usb board called a Blister, it allows me to connect original old controllers, as well as modern.
The top left controller is a USB 8bitdo SN30 pro, my personal favorite controller for retro.

Am I the only one thinking that Podcasting 2.0 could also be worked into a YouTube style system? Or maybe a “program” distribution system? Programs that already have subscriber models, turned into more of a pay while you use v4v? Hell you could do a bit-coin operated arcade gameing. If people are releasing music albums this way is there any limit to what can be posted via RSS?

@jeegsy don’t buy mister related stuff from Amazon, there are several Chinese companies bootlegging the designs and selling them on Amazon. The retro scene is full of bad products, I’ve sadly bought many bad products. If you OR ANYONE WHO CAN SEE THIS is curious about retro gaming, please ask! the GOOD products are hard to find, and fairly pricy comparison to cheep Amazon stuff. But the price makes the difference!

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@jeegsy check this site out for the mister

I ordered most of my parts through him a little over a year ago. The system DOES NOT come with games. If you need help finding those I can link you to a few sites or we can manage a harddrive through mail, I won’t post links publicly because I don’t want NA social getting hit with legal shit. I have slow internet, if it was fast I would just hook you up with an ftp link to my folder.

@SirBemrose @darrenoneill listening to you guys talk about collecting, I can’t relate to keeping things sealed up, but I do have my own collecting problem. All but the xbone and ps4 are modified, almost (few TB of files) a full collection of every game on file for all generations. So many games I spend more time deciding what to play than actually playing.

Just dropped far to much money for some pixel phones... I hate giving Google money but atleast I won’t be giving them or Apple my data, can’t wait to install Graphine OS. I don’t regret getting the Pinephone, a nice toy... but really just that in its current state, a toy.

Spotted a video on Twitter of people spotted prepping a photo shoot for fake mass grave. inb4 it’s deleted?

@darrenoneill @SirBemrose I’m listening to yesterday’s episode and you guys are talking about the future of self driving cars and reminds me of a whole anime based on all those issues. @coldacid will probably know it, it’s called eX-Driver. When smart cars go bad, these kids had to use gas powered cars to go save them.

So... @Eliza and I have 7 cats... that’s all. That’s the horror story. Please send advice on how to “monetize” the network... of cats. Every time I’m cleaning up their shit I keep thinking there must be SOME use. Any ideas?

Oh god I see this kind of shit in multiple industries... but how is it that average workers do this without the aid of CIA? Long term mential gymnastics with media, business, and local legislation?

The meme and a screen shot to confirm. Duck duck go seems to be more like google every week.

@Nussbaum Hey! @Eliza and I just watched “Office Uprising” from 2018. We really hope that’s not an accurate representation of the Nussbaum. (He’s the evil guy)

I have no idea who this kid is but he spits the truth !!

They are just “green screening” his questions! Look at his hands and the mics when he answers the first question.

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