9% of Christians supported violence w/o reading any scriptures. That rose to 12% among Christians after read said quotes. For Jews, 3% supported violence without reading quotes and 7% supported it after seeing such a passage.

Among Muslims, the study finds 29% supported violence against non-believers without any extra influence. For those referencing a Quranic quote first, 47% supported violence against religious enemies.

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@Thoughtdoc do they show which passages they used for each religion? That would be very helpful to understand all three

@Thoughtdoc thanks, just found it. As I expected, they used Deuteronomy passages for the Jewish and Christian portions of the study

@Thoughtdoc very flawed study and a misleading title to boot. No scriptures were quoted, they just said “according to Deuteronomy violence against... is supported”.


I encourage you to pick up the book "parasitic mind" by Gad Saad. He has a chapter that deals with the phenomenon.

@Thoughtdoc religious texts are horrible when read literally. I'm surprised it's not higher in all religious communities.

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