I've thought about, and decided, that the supply chain "woes" are intentional. Where is the root cause analysis? Where are the solutions? There have been cargo ships off the coast for months, I've heard explanations ranging from truck driver shortages, to dock workers, to epa regulations, to container shortages. So why hasn't anything been done? Where are the incentives? Why isn't the government getting out of the way? is why.

Chicago Police Union to Defy Vaccine Mandate:


The question that I have is this: If the Police are given an exemption from the vaccine mandate, will they turn around and force the mandate on business and citizens of Chicago?

I had discussion with a moron today and it came down to them saying the lack of flu last year was because of covid measures... I asked why it didn't stop covid then. "Covid isn't the flu" was the response.... I don't know why I bother.

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CNN seems very ungrateful for all of the publicity Joe Rogan gave them. Most media outlets with such a small audience would try to capitalize on that kind of exposure instead of whine about it.

One thing I learned when taking courses in psychology is a good way to tell when people are being honest about a past event is when recollecting the details people will look up and to the right (left as well but mostly to the right) when telling the truth. When the lie, they will look down and to the side (either left or right). This knowledge has been very useful as time has passed.

"my advice to you, is not to take my advice" - Joe Rogan

So we should take his advice? πŸ˜‚

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