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Happy Show Day Gitmo!!
Support the stream, and all that implies at:

9:00 a - @darrenoneill Rock n Roll Preshow
10:50 - seamless(ishy) handoff
10:55 - Gitmo National Anthem
11:00 - Val Curry rides
11:15 - HIT IT!!
???? - mike drop.

Where to listen? At this link:

Bernadettes, Bens, and elderly nerds
IRC Chatroom aka THE Troll Room

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For future reference, at 1:33 of Guns n Roses’ It’s So Easy, the lyrics are:
“ Why don’t you just... Fuck off!!!”

Again that’s at 1:33

Appeasing evil won't aid in its destruction.

If you love your kids, teach them to say "no."

Ryan long is my boy.

Sjw are calling fir erasing himmler out of history books. They wanna force rewrite into herler.

Just now listening to Sunday show. Possible reason for Dallas and Houston being priorized, Dallas is finance center/ Deep State(EDS, Halliburton, Texas Instruments) and Houston shipping corridor. Austin is just legislation.

@ThewTheKooky I don’t think we’ve reached that far into dystopia

Thank you for all you do. I want to ask you pronounce New Braunfels correctly . It’s Bronfools, no separation. Think of the basketball player at the grill. 😉
Not Brown fells.
My autism kicks in every time you mispronounce it.
I’ll still donate my 33.33 a month regardless of how you pronounce it.

Do we post food creations on here too? These are two marinated, pork sirloin tip roasts that I smoked over apple wood.

How it started -> How it went

Track listing #5:
"No Agenda- Jingle Medley"
"You're a Mean One, Mr. Glitch"
"Switching to Bing"
"OTG Blues and JCD's Vocal Styles"
"California Power Outage"
"No Tech News Today"
"The 5G with AJ"
"Just Bing It"
"I'm OTG"
"Facebook Went Down"
"Medley to Dude Named Ben"
"33, What They Get Away With"
"Fake Moon Landing"

1/3 of the way to completion, if anyone donating to No Agenda wants to throw a couple nickels or dimes in my name toward my Knighthood, I humbly 😀 .

@ThewTheKooky naah. Youre conspiracy theorist. Its already dead.

Don’t forget to capture that cheap Executive Producer credit at

Thank you for supporting the stream and all that implies!!

Does the cancellation of Dr Seuss indicate the desire to kill free thinking. Most of his books were about thinking for yourself. Often pointing out the danger of blindly following leaders.

New book on traditional Mediterranean soups: What Would Jesus Stew

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