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Make your grilling plans with this schedule in mind. All times GMT-6

09:00(ish) 2 hr Bluegrass hour w "Rusty" and Phifer request live tunes @fletcher @phifer
11:00 sharp-ish @darrenoneill helms the Rock n Roll Pre-show. Request live tracks at
12:50 seamless(relatively) handoff
12:52 Gitmo Anthem
12:55 EOS mix preview
13:00 John on the stream
13:02 level check
13:03 Val Rides!
13:15 Hit It!!
15:23 b Blk
16:04 c Blk
16:24 mike drop.

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In or around Missouri? Want grass fed and finished wagyu? Lmk

Will make you big and strong

Friends are like panties. Some crawl up your ass, some snap under pressure, some don't have the strength to hold you up, some get a little twisted, some are your favorite, some you can see right thru, some are cheap and just plain nasty and some actually cover your ass when you need them to. Re-post for all the friends you know and love and give them a laugh today.

@Effortless @blackcloud @SamiOh @mrman @Kennyben @MrMaxPowers247 @GMOdysseys

We have cookies and that's something John Puttin the C in Crybaby Dvorak can never take away from us

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