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FOX Business Network Fires @trish_regan for Telling the Truth About How Liberal Media Was Using Coronavirus to Take Down Trump

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this rant is OK, if not encouraged at FOX, yet @trish_regan defends Trump and gets axed by Fox?

Is this the sort of hysteric we want on Congress -- or anywhere for that matter? What is she trying to accomplish here?

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The Award Winning No Agenda Show:
The Best Podcast in the Universe According to the Mueller Report!

Now twice a week on Thursdays and with 33% More Mental Hygiene.

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Notice how they can't even point out anything specific that Trump did wrong during his press conference

They just scream "misinformation" and he's going to "kill people" and hope that no one watches because his approval ratings have skyrocketed from the press conferences

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Listening to DH Unplugged - DHUnplugged #498: Corona-Nomics by ⁦@Therealdvorak⁩ & ⁦@andrewhorowitz⁩

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@adamcurry Re: . My gf's is from Italy. 45 train ride from Milan. They do indeed use this insidious term. The you YOUTS use the English form and the old use the Italian version: "Distanta sociale'. @NoAgendaNation @Therealdvorak

Bullshit. During the gulf war I saw more armaments than this being shipped off the West Coast avoiding the Suez Canal and the treacherous Cape of Good Hope. The Strait of Malacca is the only choke point going West.

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No Agenda Episode 1228 - "Stunning"

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I listened live and can’t wait to listen to it again! Great takes on all topics and a fresh Around the World Clip BLITZ from @Therealdvorak download today and save your self from cowering in place!

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@Therealdvorak OK then, time to calculate

they are making numbers up as they go usual

@qgunk looks like a kit car designed by Homer Simpson

A No Agenda producer (I think) sent 3 months of toilet paper from -- the kit contains a floor stand to hold these humongous rolls. THANKS!!

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