To buy a new car today there a "market adjustment" fee of 8,000 extra because of the shipping backup. 👌🏻 yeah, get bent Toyota.

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Wanna buy a Caddy XT5?
2018 low miles great shape $33k
In Norcal

@Sir_Thomas_of_Great_Bay @Therealdcgirl Same "market adjustment" applies to domestic vehicles as well.
Demand is high, availability is low, dealerships are trying to capitalize.

For fun, jump out to and look around. Here's an example of the fuckery in play, how's that for a "market adjustment"?


I bought a new Toyota a few months ago, did not see that. I know that used cars are worth more than new ones
@zoon @Therealdcgirl

used car values went up a lot due to electronics Shortage

@verita84 @Therealdcgirl

Not so sure though.

I outright bought a 2008 Hyundai and my insurance went UP (previously 2012 Jeep Wrangler).

It’s because repair part availability even for used cars is affected by the logistic disruption

@zoon @Therealdcgirl

That is what the dealer told me and news reports. I got more for my 2019 Rav4 than what I paid

@verita84 @Therealdcgirl I at least got more for trade in than what I owed so I’m grateful for that.

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