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My guess for the next Moe Factz topic: Clarence Thomas, aka Uncle Clarence.


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Arlington VA No Agenda Meetup, Arlington VA @Noon ET

Sunday, July 10, 2022 at Noon (EDT)
Roundy’s Reverse Birthday Meetup

In honor of his birthday, every person to RSVP will receive a pre-owned and peculiar artifact from high-end artist guy Rodger Roundy’s apartment.

Dudley’s Sport and Ale in Shirlington.

Free parking in Lot and parking garage available.

Look for something on stick & the same DCGirl.

Brunch menu available and door prizes, In The Morning

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In case anyone wants to drink the official @CSB cocktail....

1 part Sobieski Polish Vodka
2 parts Ribena Blackcurrant Juice.
Spash of still Evian.
All served very cold.

This is a variation of the Szarlotka. It uses blackcurrant juice because CSB thinks Amercians can't get it. It is served as cold as his soul.

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If you don't apply your principles to people you disagree with your principles are garbage. - Bridget Phetasy

I thought this was going to be an obvious take but I enjoyed it. Also Al Sharpton makes a good point!

"Saagar Enjeti: Biden's WAR On Nicotine, Cigarettes REEKS Of Class Bias"

Mouse return. New mouse purchased.

Our national nightmare is over.

How hungover are NYC lefties today after celebrating the shooting last night?

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