If I had to leave my home country due to US regime change foreign policy and I was a loser in the country I was in I might go nuts too.


And he bought the gun on Mar 16. The same day there was a mass shooting the media said was white supremacy against Asians - Syria being in Asia.

@TheLoneWolf54 When did the shooter immigrate from Syria to USA?
I assume it was a long time ago, it seemed like he had a USA education... High school and such, putting it at 3-5 years ago at least.

He is still a Syrian and crazy Demoncrat, but just a little nuance, I wouldn't want anyone to give/get the impression he came over in the last 2 months since Biden attacked Syria.

@TheLoneWolf54 Who moved here when he was 3. I hardly call that a connection.

@lpfaff Yeah most likely he was incited by critical race theory.

@lpfaff He was a nut job and Islamist so anything is possible.

@TheLoneWolf54 you can't expect anybody to say anything about that that would require adding one and one and getting that horrible answer of two

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