Dusting off my skills after a 2 year break. I want run Pi Hole WordPress and maybe an activityPub server(Mastodon?). How much ram (8/16) will I need and will an i5 laptop have head room to run all this?


In 24 hours, Bidet managed to deliver our grid to China, fuck the Canadians, screw thousands of workers, throw small businesses under the bus, bend over to France and Germany, fuck the American consumer, invite terrorist attack, fellate Iran, betray the Syrians and look like a chump.

He's going for the record here.

Concerning Biden, I'd appreciate it if people would stop foisting the blame for that guy on the American people. The People voted for Trump. The People came forward to the expose corruption. The people did everything legally in their power to fight back & are still doing so.

Don't say: "You deserve this America, you voted for Biden!"

Excuse you! Did you not see the fraud? We didn't vote him in, he was forced in!

@shebang I switch from NA Social, Gab, and my pleroma instance.

Trying to learn ActivityPub best practices to save time.

question is @adam or admin team willing to share what relays noagendasocail.com follows?

Apparently questioning the mainstream media narrative of the Capitol riot in any way is now "white nationalist rhetoric" that is "repeating debunked theories about the insurrection." Like it was a historical event that happened 100 years ago that historians of every stripe have already pored over to come to a unanimous conclusion, instead of something that occurred earlier this month which is still under investigation!

When things like this happen, it's no longer "politics" as we commonly understand it. There is no give and take, no deals or compromises, nothing even resembling representative democracy. It is pure domination, crushing the opposition under your heel and calling for every last one who might be a serious power contender to be arrested. No more illusion of freedom, it is now too expensive to maintain, and the Marxian progression of mankind moves ever onward.

ABC America This Morning - anchor Mona Kosar Abdi - Dr. Patel congressman gets covid even after recieving both doses of vaccine (34sec)

Check out this tour of DC last night from a scooter. PenguinSix is very knowledgeable of DC.


Is anyone thinking of running for public office? I won my seat by beating the person that beat me the first time in a city with 40k people. I learned from old school political activists. Before running for office I helped others win races. This included Scott Brown in 2009.

If you want to see what is involved i am willing to talk to you

Has anyone compiled a list of accounts and profiles , , or in the past few days? My friends don't believe more voices are gone like

So someone asked me, what about the social contract? The social contract is simply a lie designed to keep you subjugated to your masters the state. It's the same lie told to slaves in the Old South. And because the slaves believed it many of them didn't run away.

If you believed in the social contract then that social contract was in force in 1776 and you need to go apologize to the British. That would mean it was wrong for the to have declared independence.

Would be a shame if this video of leftists destroying DC during Trump’s 2017 inauguration went viral

A web extension that redirects Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google Maps, Reddit & Google Search requests to privacy friendly alternatives - Nitter, Invidious, FreeTube, Bibliogram, OpenStreetMap & Private Search Engines like DuckDuckGo and Startpage.

Been working well for me.


"[Parler] was also booted from online payment processor Stripe, along with American Express. They also had their Scylla Enterprise database access, along with their ability to send SMS messages to confirm users after Twilio banned them. Lastly, Slack cut ties with the company - preventing them from communicating with their "jury" of paid and volunteer users who make content moderation decisions." bit.ly/3bzkWuc

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