cloudflare kicked 4chan offline due to right wing trolls.
bannon off YT, KiwiFarms down, Parler off of google playstore.

holy shit, this is just in the past 25 minutes

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@TheCzar FSE was gotting DDOS's for a large part of the day too. Crazy times.

Good luck with FSE, Pete knows his shit.

@TheCzar lefties flexing because they own everything. No fear of being convicted of a monopoly when your "side" is in power

@Bazz Wonder how stock holders feel about the purge? Once ad revenue decreases because the reach is half what it was, holders will jump ship and social media will fail. That's the hope!

@TheCzar I'm sure Fox News could explain the experience to us since they're bleeding viewers like mad

@Bazz Fox cucked out. hell, NewsMax seemed like a viable alt, but fell the same trap.

@cowanon friend of a friend. I couldn't pull it up for about 25-30 minutes about 15-20 minutes ago.

@TheCzar they've been planning for this for a long time. They just needed an excuse.

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