She got bummed out when I said, "Looking back on it, a lot of things make sense with what was told to me". She thought I was saying, "Well, I would go back to change a few things." I said "Would you go back to kill Baby Hitler to prevent the Holocaust?" "We have our past, and without it, we wouldn't be where we are now." "Wouldn't change what happened for the world!"

All that to say this. If you could go back and change things anything, would you?

I didn't have friends until high school due to me coming out of depression over discovering my deceased Grandmothers body Christmas eve in 2000.
I had a lot of friends, and was naive to the fact I was popular with quite a few girls. Lots of phone numbers, we need to hangout's, u r hot, I❤️U. Even a half page written by a girl saying how awesome I was, and we needed to hangout while she was pulling lifeguard duty at the HS pool over summer.

My wife and I were looking through our middle school and high school yearbooks.

She had friends until 9th grade due to her getting heavy and being a shy girl(still shy, not heavy). She had the Mean Girls Experience in High School. Told she was fat, a pig, go kill yourself, etc... She became bulimic and tried to take her life on occasion.

She became sad when she seen my yearbooks from HS.

Movies I recommend:
The Man with the Iron Fist
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
The Matrix Trilogy
Back to the Future
Donnie Darko
War Games
Blazing Saddles
Ghost Busters

TV Shows I recommend:
Devilman Crybaby(Netflix Reboot)
Attack on Titan
One Punch Man
Altered Carbon
Stranger Things
Black Mirror
Doctor Who(including classic)
The Mighty Boosh
Tokyo Ghoul(including :re)
The X-Files

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Ahh, a weekend away from social media, cell service or internet. Swam, grilled, relaxed and seen meteors falling. Digital detox is good, even if only brief.

@adam I never had the opportunity to listen to DSC when it was a Daily Podcast. I really missed out.
The DSC you put out yesterday was, just astounding. I don't know if you could or want to do a Weekly Source Code similar to yesterday, but Hot Damn, that was good.

I need some more DSC, hot damn.

I wasn't into podcast's until about 2011, and never had the chance to enjoy DSC, or other quality podcasts. I blame Revision3, and TWIT (though, I still enjoy Night Attack)

Putting this question in the ether. Would anyone know of a smart watch that can sync with your computer instead of your phone? I am switching away from my Android experience to the LibremPhone, but still like having fitness data tracking.

If push comes to shove, I can get out my Nexus 7 tablet and multi boot Android, just sync it once a day when I get home after workouts.

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FOSS sadness 

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Fedilab -> 

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Fedilab -> 

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#Censorship is either on or off. If censorship is on, you don't know what is going to be censored next. First it may be something you want to be censored but no one can guarantee it to be the same next time. So, keeping censorship off is the best choice. Btw moderation is not censorship

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If you want to learn to code then don't assume that everything is web only. The risk of learning only those popular courses is that if freezes you brain into a everything is a web part mentality.

The annoying hing about programming is that you need to keep your brain plastic enough to adapt to completely new technologies withing a week.

Buy an Arduino (clone), connect that board to your PC and make that on board LED blink. Limited speed, limited memory, constraints, lack of easy debugging will force your brain into what good developers need: the ability to solve things no matter the odds.

Arduino is better than Raspberry Pi because there is no OS that will help you. You must create it yourself.

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Contact Private Internet Access (PIA) Managers to Help Save Linux Journal From Shutdown

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