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Yeah, so I'm finally reading 1984. I mean, if they're using it as a playbook, I want to see just how fucked up shit's gonna get.

Most days, after talking to co-workers, I want to shout.
I'm not a democrat
I'm not a republican
I'm just pissed off,
and have had it with the whole lot of asshats.

So, is it a far fetched idea that I actually think we are on the verge of a hot civil war?

I am grossly under prepared, and worried. For the first time in my 30 years, I feel like I have no control. Both my wife and I were going to start having a family, and the rona, riots, and recklessness starts to hit. It terrifies me to know what the US is turning into because of spoiled, entitled shitheads who want absolute destruction and rebuild of society, in their twisted image.

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wow, seen Stefan Molyneux was just youtube banned. that is an interesting choice of people to ban. I guess his twitter will be next.

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Reddit is so far down the censorship path that the reddit alternatives list looks like this, just so people on the site can find places less conquered by the CCP.

Crazy theory time

What if kneeling to black americans, giving them venmo money, white guilting others, is just conditioning to give your vote to a candidate a black american wants to vote for but can't because voter ID laws are "racist"?

But, considering the white guilt folk would vote for democrats anyway, what difference would it make?

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@alex The Fediverse People's Front is absolutely dedicated to solidarity, fraternity and unity. Not like the filth of the People's Front of the Fediverse, whose squalid degeneracy sickens all right thinking people.
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Interesting morning.....

Co-workers were told to take down their Trump pictures, sayings, a defence manufacturing plant.

Saying offensive imagery needs to be taken down.

well, the PinePhone running PureOS from the uSD is still a beta at best. writing this from pureos on the pinephone community edition.

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@CSB If you want an even more obscure idea, which shows how Orwellian this is...


Obviously dominating dude is whipping obviously subservient dude forcing subservient dude to pick cotton or something.

Dominator is labeled "Main" and "forced to work against their will dude" is labeled "Downstream branch"

We solved exploitation!

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Woman: "Hi 911, I have a guy with a knife in my house right now trying to rape me"...

911: "Ok i can help with that, would you like the number to a place you can go and shoot up some heroin?"

Woman: "Ummm, no, I dont think that will help, I have a guy here trying to rape me with a knife"...

911: "Ohhh, ok, well best I can do is you just sit there and let him rape you, then afterwards I will give you a number to a PP officer where you can get an abortion!"

Woman: "Umm.. cant you send someone over with a gun or something to help protect me"

911: "Sorry we dont do that anymore, we defunded that department. But good news is the rapist will at least get some needed therapy when he is done raping you, so no worries"

#GeorgeFloyd #riots #protests #Defund #Defundthepolice #PoliceBrutality #DefundPolice #BLM

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Happy Killdozer Day!

RIP Marvin Heemeyer

Remember folks, they can only push you so far...

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