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Seems to be a phrase being used in response to Crowder saying we can't call someone the thing they openly identify as. Reclaimed Slurs. Taking it back, so to speak. I'll own being a nerd/geek/generally awkward. If someone calls me these things, I'll say, "yeah, and?......"

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More fallout from the AMCA breach
This time it could be 7.7M customers of LabCorp that are now being affected by the AMCA breach. We are almost up to 20M total.

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@adam and basically every site like it - I'll throw Rotten Tomatoes in there too..
Louis Rossman (repairs electronics including 'unfixable' mac books)

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To be anti-free-speech for some is to be anti-speech for all.

One thing I seem to understand better is depression. It makes you feel better (short term) to be isolated and with your own thoughts, rather than be around people(which is fact better than isolation). Coupled with ADHD, it makes me spiral a lot faster than normal because my attention divides between a lot of anxious thoughts.
I refuse meds due to the fact I was on Zoloft for depression, then Adderall for ADHD, An upper, and a downer, all thru puberty. Took a couple of years to sort myself out.

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@Gargron Garg, I'm going to ask you right now to kindly refrain from suggesting app devs start blacklisting domains in the Mastodon apps. This is not the way to approach this problem. I worry if this becomes a trend that we'll have Apple, for example, demanding that all Fediverse apps blacklist adult instances too or be rejected from the App store.

Just don't. It's not the right approach to this problem.
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Wow, even app devs are thinking about instance blocking at the app level. For fear they will be kicked off the app store or they hate gab that much.

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Worked on the trucks, washed them afterwards, got crispy arms in the process of it all. Now to grill some ginger teriyaki pork, with broccoli and carrots, while drinking a very cold gatorade.

Listening to Laura Loomer's rant on Alex Jones.

She is a typical millennial, oh woah is me, other people are responsible for my shortfall.

She needs to get her shit together and move on. Continue to fight, but move on and find work. People are hiring all over and she will find work if she looks. ?

Yet another somewhat high profile thing happening in and/or around Asheville, NC

Project Veritas is being sued by a local woman for libel.
Link below:

Well, I was wrong about 7 games. Congrats to the Boston Bruins. Now, you better win the cup.

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