Ahh, the smell of burst refrigerator coolant lines in the morning.

18F, windows are open. Yay

Question for the Ben's out there.

Ubuntu Server or CentOs
Debian vs RHEL

Aaaaand GO

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Extinction rebellion in Asheville, NC


Maybe they should've planted trees instead of doing things that do nothing to help the environment.

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Yeah, when the Boog starts, Virginia will be the shot heard from sea to shining sea.

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As long as I've been on social media, whenever I post a mobile screenshot, I always cropped out the top bar

Info like mobile carrier, any app notifications, even signal strength may seem like simple things to leave out, but they divulge a lot of information about you

E.G. Mobile carrier info can and has been used to social engineer operators into giving up private info. That in turn can be used to compromise 2-factor authentication etc...

Apps you run can reveal info about work/personal life

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Super Bowl halftime show... I found myself tossing dollar bills at my TV.

The quality of super bowl commercials is dwindling. That said, were they ever good?

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Have a protest of less than 200 people in my small town in front of the Fire Dept. Calling for fair elections with text alert (sign up)numbers plastered on their signs. Want to go back and sign up with an unused G-Voice number I have had for a while to see what it is really about.

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@a Quite correct. Attack capitalism, religion, nation, heterosexuality, family, and suddenly those that get triggered are the dudes on the other side.
The truth is nobody wants full freespeech. People want their side to win and crush their ideological enemies.
That's fine, but it should be admitted.

There are a couple of things you do not buy cheap....Toilet Paper is one of these where you buy the best.

Trump said we have hyper sonic weapons in development......was he waiting for an opportunity to say this is response to Russian made "Hyper sonic" Weapons?

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