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Modern feminism explained; 100 guys!!! ... called 'empowerment.'

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Word from a co-worker. Quite a few of his friends are being called up to active duty and being low-key with it. Until I see/hear other confirmations, taking it at face value. .


Calls for a 9/11 style commission for domestic terrorism. Is that the real reason Trump pocket vetoed the Patriot Act reauthorization so it could be sent back and re-written with this new "Domestic Terrorism" in mind?

More and more trump seemed under pressure from some people for things unknown. No, not the quack QAnon stuff. But real games are always played.

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A man who aligns with Boogaloo boys makes a statement in front of Michigan State Capitol.

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Knee jerk reactions are people end up looking like quacks, calm down, and wait for more information.

If your favorite website is down and you freak out even a little, you're an addict. Put the device down, get a cigar and whiskey, sit beside a fire and relax. Until the military comes for your guns(foreign or domestic), everything is Zen.

Hey, please come on our show!

Nah, I'll fuck with you instead.


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For experts we'd of course have to look to

@SirBemrose for tech

@voidzero for networking magic

@Therealdcgirl for relationship advice

@IllumiNadia for science

@NICKtheRAT for paranormal

@Lennoxxreverb for screaming

@CarBlanez33 for politeness

@SirMathieu for maps (not podcasting)

@coldacid for programming

@sirseatsitter for something :)

@medus for firearm safety & Legos

@SirSpencer & @Laurien for THAT stuff

Needless to say, the list could go on & on. Who's with me?


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If all else fails. To the troll room

IRC will be the last thing to fail on the internet. Mark it in the red book.

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This is why .0 is important. AP:"Extremists exploit a loophole in social moderation: Podcasts" .org

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At some point tomorrow, NAS will be shut down for a physical server move. It may be down only a few hours, maybe all weekend. I don't know, but it WILL be back up. Please have patience, as I'm certain there will be unforeseen delays.

For those asking how to donate, I appreciate it. The NAS load has increased much over the last two weeks, and I expect it to continue in the future. I'll have more to say about this once the migration is complete and the seas are once again calm.

Love & Light

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Another morning on the best social platform in the universe!

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Stream the brainwash.
Borrow more money.
Stay quiet slave
Enjoy the encampment of your mind.

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It's BIZARRE to watch the demo-socialists 'impeach' (twice) a sitting president for doing EXACTLY what they repeatedly do! ""Wat je zegt ben jezelf, met je kop door de helft" In and of itself, it can not BE a more egregious act! 🤨

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