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Deciding on a secondary Bug Out Rifle for small game.

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love it

>ATF agent goes to a citizen’s house to harass him about a shotgun he’s apparently ‘not permitted’ to have
>Citizen goes inside and calls police to say someone is at the door trying to take his guns
>Police come and arrest ATF agent

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The channel I spoke of. Playing with high voltage. Popping 15KV fuses in his backyard. Messing with lasers @ 100W. Fun stuff

Hey, NA Fam.
Is there anyone who knows of a good website to look for beach house rentals for the Outer Banks in NC?
Keeper and I are looking for a place that may(or may not) be Pet friendly, anywhere along the Duck<--->Nags Head area.
If anyone has a place down there, let me know as well. Looking for the 3rd week in October.

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@n4vx @TheCzar Gentlemen! It was a treat to meet you both at the meetup - it’s always fun to meet people in real life after chatting on the internet for a while, and I haven’t gotten to do that in decades. Let’s try and meet up again before the end of the year, schedules allowing of course.

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Western Carolina Hamfest Hobnob

Venue: Smoky Mountain Event Center
Organizer: N4VX


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RT @killyourfm
BEHOLD, the power of #SteamDeck via the @jsauxofficial USB-C dock!

@system76 Launch keyboard
External monitor (at 4K/60)
Logitech Brio webcam
1TB external SSD
Wireless mouse

First impression of this affordable $40 dock? Well, I'm impressed! More to come...

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The images that are coming from the James Webb Telescope are astounding.

Proud to say. I helped make the resolvers for the mirrors on the JWST.

I need a vacation. A month long vacation.

So...apparently there was a bombing in my local big city. Didn't hear a thing about this from co-workers who are in the loop.

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Well, my battery box (for portable ham radio ops) is finally done. Now to work on a radio box…

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For my friends here that are believers: whats your testimony of this season? What has God done for you or showed you? How has he shown himself faithful in situations you never thought possible? Would you share them with me via email? [email protected]
Its hard to explain but I believe what the Word says...We over come by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. Its time to testify. If you're willing to share, please email me with subject: testimony (so it doesn't get lost).

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A North Carolina pregnancy center director describes the “chilling” new level of violence by pro-abortion radicals.

The center provides free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes, and grief counseling for women.

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