@adam @Kennyben The "Rat Trap!" The shenanigans! 🤣 Nice piece Dame Kennyben. Congrats on the selection. 🎉 👏

Four horsemen of the climatepocolipse… this is from some friends in NY:

Congrats to @nessworks on artwork victory.

Nice to see video game art winning

@nessworks Donkey Kong for the win, well done 🤩🤩 cracked me up 🤣

@Cesium137 Congrats on being the best of the MAGA bunch today 😉

🎉 🎉 🎉


@roundy @showart @Cesium137 I always like when a piece stirs a reaction. Looking at the stamp & then the final result.. Clever, I like it. I loved the tents on the Whitehouse lawn & "Goodbye Cows" today. Cesium137 putin' in some nice work. V4V! 🙏 Always enjoy when there is a Roundy submission. 👍 Having a great time listening to the "Battle of the Douchebags 6" 🤟

In case anyone is interested; webinar tomorrow from a pretty smart investment/ trading group that make decisions based on data over narratives. Their health policy expert will likely be calling out Pfizer’s bullshit and using evidence to back it up. app.hedgeye.com/insights/11984

I have been learning Front-End web development lately ( React and Angular ).. still really new, but would love to help on the art generator 3.0 project if possible to get better. Anyone know how to reach Sir Paul Couture to see if he would be open to a newbie contributing?

congrats to Krimp on winning livestream artwork

he is an acrylic painter: mynameiskrimp.weebly.com/paint ... but not as famous as Rodger

@roundy tried to bid on your NFT… could not figure out how.. kept getting an error. :( I’ll have to try on a computer later.

@Therealdcgirl congrats, AC liked your artwork idea and picked it for live stream tweet+toot !

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