Nice to be able to look out from our balcony and see Saturn and Jupiter in the night sky with the naked eye.

Not sure what the message is this senator from Delaware is trying to put forward. He claimed that Delaware was the first colony established by Swedes and Finns in North America. Ok....

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Solid speech by Klobuchar, putting nay voter Josh Hawley in his place. That guy is really clueless.

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Still talking about abortion instead of NATO. Perhaps they want Finland and Sweden to abort their accession to NATO?

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Now Amy Klobuchar is talking about abortion too. Americans are weird, when senators can just start talking about stuff not on the agenda.... How is this related to NATO?! The US Senate has No Agenda?

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Watching the US Senate debate on ratifying the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO. Apparently only 2 - 3 detractors.

But now this senator is talking about abortion and Roe vs Wade. I guess she didn't read the memo on the topic for this debate?!

Fun fact: Finland is the only country in Europe still using the Imperial Russian railway gauge (and never switched to the Soviet Union gauge). But now the EU wants to force Finland to change the entire railroad system to the standard European railway gauge. Sure....

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