Husband just got home from work and said they had their first covid case since the spring. Patient came in, having been double vaxxed, progressively getting worse since the 3rd. They had to intubate today.

As his wife, what makes me burn with righteous anger is how these medical personnel have seen so much death in the last year at the hands of our own government. It's just so incredibly evil. I could tell even the intubation (which he's done a million times) affected him tonight.. 😔😔

Sad to hear.
Sometimes I wish John and Adam are wrong.

@Johnmccabe me too. Meeee toooo. Heart just hurts for him. He is leaving the hospital in a few weeks for travel/private nursing but if they're already starting to see cases I am afraid it may not be soon enough. I did ask if it was thought to be the 'delta variant' but he said no one was saying anything. There seems to be an air of confusion on what's true so they are just treating what is in front of them.

@TheCM they fired 5 people at my hospital for not being vaccinated. Everyone else either has a medical or religious exemption. It’s mind boggling the passive aggressive email communications that reference those who chose not to be vaccinated. It’s the first time I’ve seen physicians act like tyrants. Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

@SirDanielT Yeah they aren't requiring vaccination for their hospital. More than half the nurses there are not vaccinated.

@TheCM Are they giving the patient any therapeutics?

@krabappel oh yes, they are doing all they can. Patient had been sick since the 3rd though and getting the second shot so it's a lot of buildup to be treating at this point.

Isnt it outlier? Whats ratio of sceptics to double vaxxed deaths?

@PawelK could point though was more about the medical workers. On the ICU theyve watched a lot of slow deaths. That wears on even the best of people. My husband is a strong, faithful man but this shook him a bit.

No such thing as 'covid.'
What hubby is saddled with is 'botched health care!'

@TheCM I am curious to know what the protocols were. I have personal experience treating rural, elderly, poverty-stricken individuals with ivermectin, zinc, vitamin D and Theraflu. All of them had existing symptoms before treatment. All of them recovered. None of them wanted to go to the hospital either out of pride, distrust, or straight fear based on the scenario you just described: hospital confusion, Intubation, followed shortly by death (alone) and a big bill left to pay.

@desert_finn to my knowledge the treatment is what it's been all along for their hospital. They do a big ole iv of vitamin C and D, melatonin and a few other things. Problem is many who come in are deficient in these. You cant infuse and make the body absorb and use it all when its deficient. I know in the spring they considered ivermectin...not sure what happened with that.

@TheCM the rage you mentioned is completely valid. However, I have also witness restrictive protocols, designed insulate liability while still generating profit. Right now the NIHs protocols are and antiviral, nasal cannula and hope.

@desert_finn I dont disagree. The hospital is a private hospital. They could use ivermectin but they didnt for the first half of last year. The admins making those decisions and the doctors promoting that are as much complicit in my mind as the govt.

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