In the FB group that is full of people going to the healthcare heroes rally tomorrow....should be very interesting.

Ultimately, its like @adam has said....'The revolution will not be televised.' This is a situation where nurses have to leave their jobs, pull out their retirements from these large corporations and hit them where it counts most....their bottom line. I wonder what these execs will do when they start receiving multiple lawsuits for patient negligence??

Any NAS fam have connections with a life insurance company looking for nurses to do assessments??? Preferebly in the Charlotte, NC area?

My husband and I are heading to this tomorrow in Charlotte!

My male human resource (7yrs old) "Hey Mom! The biggest booger in the world???? I JUST PULLED IT OUT OF MY NOSE!"


I am going to do a study on revelation starting tomorrow but we are pretty much at the Mark of the Beast in my opinion. This will be used to buy, sell, trade, name it. Come quickly, Jesus.

This is the hill to die on ya'll. If they shut down and we let them, they'll continue to take everything.

NO is a complete sentence. NO!

ONE MORE DAY of a different schedule each week...ONE MORE. I CAN make it 😂 I so look forward to August 2 where homeschooling will begin and my regular teaching schedule returns!!!

Reading on another platform that the military is being heavily coerced to tak the jab and that it will be mandated for them by september. Didn't Q say the military was the only way?? The only way to what....completely destroy our country??

So heres a fun one for all of you....this gender unicorn will be taught in all charlotte mecklenburg schools this year. This is why I homeschool!!!!

The answer is NO.
NO I wont take the vaccine.
NO I will not comply with petty tyrants
NO I don't believe in your 'science'
NO I will not be vaccinating or masking my kids
NO we will not work for an employer who mandates it.
NO we will not stay 6ft apart
NO we will not stop gathering with family, friends or our church.
NO we will not bow down to a one world government.
NO I will not spend my hard earned money with leftist corporations who hate me.

No is a complete sentence. NO.

I hate it when coworkers are slimy, fake happy and apologetic when talking about the mandating of the vax. Don't play nice and sweet with me. You voted this tyranny in. I will be cordial but we are NOT buddies and never will be. Leave. Me. Be.>contact them for legal representation in your area if you are being mandated to take the vax.

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Love her!
"If you're worried... you're free to stay at home"

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I have yet to meet a vaccinated person who feels safe and liberated solely because they've been vaccinated. All of them, to a person, feels safe/liberated only to the extent that others around them are also vaccinated, and they (to various degrees) see the un-vaccinated as a threat. I don't know if wars start this way, but genocides sure do.

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Curious...for those that don't homeschool
.....could you share with me what hinders you from diving in??? Be as specific as possible!

Also...part 2...if you had the tools to create a homeschool environment that works for you AND your kids...would you do it??

Bless. it. Thank you mastadon for the block and mute button.

Well. Its on. My husbands hospital will be requiring the vax this fall. No official word yet but rumors today around the CCU floor. We will stand and fight. God provides. I have unwavering faith in His goodness.

This is the beginning of the wave to deconstruct our healthcare system in order to bring about universal healthcare. They know they have to take that down first then they'll do the rest.

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