That feeling of change coming...its deep and quiet yet you sense its rumblings. It's not negative, but positive. Thankful.

I love sleeping in a cold room under a mountain of blankets....strangely satisfying!

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Just received word that another friend of the family just died in his sleep post vaccination. Likely a stroke or heart attack. Only 40. I know of two other people, personally known to me, that have had heart attacks post vaccination. As I mentioned before, my own dad died on 04/14 in similar circumstances. Completely out of the blue with no pre-existing heart conditions. Is this just oddly coincidental? Is anyone else seeing this?

I wont spam NAS with all my photos but I will just post this one and say how PROUD of them I am. They are between 6 and 10 and memorized 100 pages of script, a foreign language, dances and entrances and exits. They are simply amazing. Grateful for a great first show and looking forward to 4 more between tonight and tomorrow!

Word on the street is that Governor roy Cooper will be requiring vaccine passports for NC. Supposedly this info should be rolling out May 6 through 14th. Who's ready to start building that NC NAS network for goods and services and really making it concrete? I just cant stand him!

Dress rehearsal! Everyone made it onstage with clothing...I feel accomplished. 😂😂😂 All the costumes are done and now I can move on to finishing costumes for our older group that performs a different show next week!

Its show week! The set isnt done yet but we are getting there. The kids did a great job in rehearsal today. I push them a lot but for 6 to 10 year olds, they are pretty stellar. Looking forward to 5 sold out shows this weekend!

So today we started rehearsal at our town theater...I have decided I am not wearing a mask for the next two weeks while there. Technically, I have a medical exemption. Beyond that it's stupid because our Gov has already said he is lifting our mandate June 1. It was fun to watch the parents come in, see I wasnt wearing a mask and whip theirs off. Every one of them commented on it too, that this is all stupid. MANY ARE FINALLY STARTING TO GET IT THANK YOU JESUS!

My husband is a great nurse. You know those videos on the show 'wipe out' of the idiots who think they can do these big obstacle courses and make it??? I was one of those today...except in my optimism I didnt let go of the ropes and instead I held on and slid all 6' 1" of myself down until the fiery rope burn on each hand forced me to let go. Blisters everywhere. Hurts like hades. We laugh about it being the stupidest thing I have done. Going to be an interesting week down 4 fingers!😂😂

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Why won't a prominent CEO/CFO simply say "Raising corporate taxes will raise the price of goods - we simply build that into the price of the product."

This is Economics 101, but nobody will say it.

I may be in my 30's but oreo jello is my new jam when I want something sweet (which is rare). I forgot how good that stuff is.

The best naps are the ones that happen after you've spent the day cleaning the house. That's a different kind of peaceful sleep right there.

A church made a cartoon video of Jesus defeating covid. Ima need someone techy to pull this and make a link or something because this makes me laugh!

Love the new mantle. Beastly to put up. Excuse the weights...screwing that panel in later!

The new @MoeFactz with Adam Curry episode is fire. And a great companion to early morning housework! Happy saturday folks! Have a great day!

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Ultimately, what we ARE ALL fighting are the mobs.

Political mobs. Cultural mobs. Religious mobs. Angry mobs.

Nothing good comes from a mob.

Mobs are not human - sure, made up of humans - but mobs do not act rationally like humans.

They react - and then they mob.

They are faceless.

"Legion - for we are many."

Using the self checkout to get out of walmart quickly tonight and behind me I hear a frantic pharmacist going up to each customer saying "Do you have your covid vaccine? I have a bunch I need to waste before tonight. Do you have your covid vaccine??" However, she discriminated against me because I wasn't wearing a mask and didnt ask me. Offended!

I want to write a letter but feel like none of my arguments are 'enough'. What would your's be. Our shows sell out or are usually at 90 percent capacity when we have full capacity. We bring a lot of business to downtown when our families come out for shows becuase they usually frequent local restaurants. I need more reasons than that though.

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Question time!

Our local theater is owned by our town. Our music and arts school rents it for our theater shows (happening next week and the week after.) Currently, our governor has eased some restrictions but kept the 6ft rule in meeting places (which this qualifies as). Due to this restriction we are only allowed to have 75 people in a room that seats 230. As you can imagine, that cuts into show profits. What would you write to our Town officials? They have been quietly neutral on a LOT.

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