My son loves building stuff. Yesterday he built a catapult and today we used it for spelling. When he spelled a word correctly he got to launch and object across the room. He was highly motivated to get his words right😂😂 This is why I love homeschooling!

7 weeks til Remi comes home....7 weeks more of daily pictures😂

TRIGGER WARNING: Scroll on if you don't love christmas all year round. 😂😂😂

Still need a bow at the top and some ribbon in the woodsy color but I am excited for the holidays.

My husband picked both our kids names and just texted me a name for the pup...REMINGTON🥰🥰🥰🥰 We will call him Remi for short and I loooove it🥰🥰🥰🥰

We are currently renovating our house. The last 3 of the 5 contractors we are using for various projects have all been STELLAR to work with. I have been encouraged by their hard work and professionalism. I know the world is a bit wonky but I believe the craziness is birthing something in many people. People are getting back to the God-given basics, simplifying and putting effort into their work because they know now never to take anything for granted. Maybe not, but I have been so impressed!

Our sweet pup!! He isn't ready to come home for a few weeks but he is so cuuuute🥰🥰🥰🥰 I need name suggestions because my kid's names are meh😂. He will grow to either be a silver or blue standard poodle.

There is no better sleep than "3 thick blankets and a hoodie in a cold room sleep". We are in the second false fall here in the carolinas and I refuse to turn on my heat.

Forgot we had a friend who was a wood worker by trade. He and his wife have no kids and have always wanted some. He is by far a better person to teach my son than me about woodworking so I asked if he would ever consider giving him a lesson in the basics and helping him prep these pieces. Friend was totally willing. We now get to bless someone else and pay them for their skills and my son is going to learn from someone who does great work!!

We had several large, old trees cut down today and my son asked the tree guy if he would cut him a few slices in order to make some live edge lazy susans for family for christmas. You should have seen my boys face when he got home today from being out and he saw the slabs of wood. The kid was beyond THRILLED. We know jothing about how to do this but I am thankful we can learn together!!❤❤❤

I wonder what the correlation between credit products and inflation is? Are people driven to borrow more during these times?? Now being more aware of the system I am bound and determined to live simpy!

Headed down a philosophical path for a sec...I wonder how much fear of not having enough is linked to not being grateful for what we already have? Hard times have a way of humbling you and really teaching you a different way of thinking. For us, early in our marriage was a struuuugggle but it taught us to be grateful for everything. It taught us appreciate the simple stuff. We treasure that now. I have realized lately the govt can change my circumstances but they can't take my soul. We win.

Instagram is starting to push panic videos about supply shortages etc. Can I just make a suggestion??? Life doesn't have to be complicated, neither does food. Keep it simple. Learn to make bread. Eat less in one sitting. Turn off the distractions. This cycle they try to put everyone on is relentless. Right now we are in the beginning phase again...not quite at fear but a looming panic and its stupid. Even with all the containers off shore, most people are NOT suffering. Turn off the fear porn!

TW Shannon spitting all the truth at CNN...4 minutes of fabulousness! Loved seeing the anchor's paper shaking in the middle of the clip she was so perturbed. 😊

BYOB at the bookstore today and barely any toilet paper in walmart....

Also yes, when she comes home I MIGHT post a few (aka several) pictures of her. ❤🥰

Happiness is new puppies 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Can't wait to meet our girl!!

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Southwest Airlines CEO Says No Employees Will Be Fired Over Vaccine Mandate

A Southwest Airlines official admitted on Monday that staffing shortages played a role in the service disruptions over the weekend.

A Southwest pilot told American Greatness that the staff shortages were an “organic and decentralized” reaction to the carrier’s vaccine mandate.

News of a former friend's sudden death caused me to log into facebag. Once I saw what I needed to, I logged out. Upon exit, Fb asked me why I exited so quickly.

That's why, Karen. That's why.

Beautiful babies were born today!😍😍😍 My kids are throwing out names and they are all awful lol. We are getting a girl....we have a few weeks to decide her name thankfully!

Beginning to prepare for our pup we are getting in December (Standard poodle). Give me your must haves!

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