ITM y'all! ANA is finally back after a loooong, much-needed hiatus while I got my life in (somewhat) order. I actually forgot how fun these are for me to do. Hope you enjoy and that they help propagate the formula. :)

TYFYC! xoxo

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Standard play for an aging fucktard in the twilight of a flagging career. In fact, he's on 'repeat' - he ran for NY governor back in the 80's.

How Bob Dylan made himself a legend ■ 5 steps that will make YOU a legend (no matter your profession) ■ Why the audience at a Dylan concert was the best part of the show ■ Fame-obsessed nut-jobs Larry has known ■ 5 legendary rock bands that tower above all others ■ Larry’s evening with Sinatra and the mob ■ BONUS: Larry records custom outro music you will love

@ThatLARRYSHOW -- It is info bits like this that are the reason that I like your show. 👍

@ThatLARRYSHOW the leftards don't want you to call it that because they think Black people are monkeys.

According to Wikipedia, Monkeypox is a thing because somebody fucked a macaque.

Can't imagine why the M5M isn't covering that...

Scroll to "causes"

@ThatLARRYSHOW @darrenoneill dunnae wozza Larry I got chur back, if the doodler switches shows I'll gladly join the dojo, heck I'll do it either way!

Vaxer, Vaxer, Heart Attacks
Takes their test and wears their mask
Still got Covid, every strain
Got spike proteins in their brain

(Got the VAIDS at 24)
"Dr. Fauchi, Gimmie more!"
(Had a stroke at 25)
"Thank Moderna, I'm alive!"
(Swollen heart at 26)
Prayed to Pfizer for a fix
(Died of SADS at 27)
Somehow thought they'd get to heaven

Vaxer, Vaxer, Heart Attacks
Took their clot shots, wore their mask

Obituary headline noted:
"Anti-Vaxxer Dies of Covid"

~"Silence of the Lambs" - Anon

YES, we were 4 hours late and YES it was my fucking fault.

But that's no reason not to download episode 41 of PLANET RAGE, right @darrenoneill?

We skewer politicians, Vax Nazis and prove why the Roe v Wade flip gives pro-choicers more choice than ever!

MTV's Adam Curry Introducing Guns N Roses Live From The Ritz 1988

Seattle: A large brigade of members in black uniforms & masks joined the pro-abortion protest over .
Andy Ngô

"Summer of Rage?"

Bring it.

Get the national divorce underway.

17-year-old dives into Great South Bay to save motorist who had driven into the water

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