Which famous American career politician is now lying to kids? ● What does gubmnt claim has replaced the virus as America’s most dangerous threat? ● What simple process has enabled GOMECO to control citizens? ● What did Merck pharmaceuticals say that upended Covid vaccines? ● If you’re still thinking about taking the jab – LISTEN! Your life depends on it. thatlarryshow.com/episode-308-

Now it's a 3-STEP VAX PLAN from Kommiefornia /Big Brother.

Will they be offering the jab at the French Laundry?

If lies killed, Acosta would have been a suicide years ago.

Hoping this trend line plunges straight to zero.
Fuck Twitter.

My 90 year-old aunt is in a nursing home. Two residents who took Pfizer vax 4 weeks ago, just tested positive for Covid. The WORLD has been conned by Big Pharma grifters.

What Nazi war criminal did NASA choose to represent Earth in the most important and expensive time capsule of all time? ▲ How did Jimmy Carter prove himself an idiot in that same time capsule? ▲ What mid-western city made a fool of itself when it buried a new car for 50 years? ▲ Larry’s predictions for the year 2065 – listen at your own risk!

If you value your life, view this:


Update on my employer's unofficial vaccine policy: they reverted their stance on requiring vaccines to return to the office.

A group of anti-COVID vaccine coworkers and I emailed our CEO listing out reasons we didn't want to take the jab. CEO clarified that they will not require COVID vaccines to return to the office. He said we weren't the only concerned people to approach him.

We stood up against this bullshit. We took a risk, but my team swings a big stick so we had leverage.

Organizing my sock drawer would be more entertaining.

Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!


FUCK these "people"
and their lies.

This vaccine push will light the fuse.

It's going to get UGLY.

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