Devil winds now raking the City Without A Soul.

Never a good sign.

Hyper Metaphor: Our Time
The hot-zone around the monolith now includes big chunks of Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado,

New Mexico, Arizona, and most of Nevada. There will be no camping tourism or visitors to those regions for

two or three thousand years because

that close to ground zero the good radiation is a little

too good.
/Trust the science/

-- @ThatLARRYSHOW #285

Commie scum has finally "fundamentally transformed" America into the militarized third world shit hole of their wet dreams.

@adam @Johncdvorak -

Please add Bed Bath & Beyond to the corporate boycott/shit list. They just dropped My Pillow due to "Mike Lindell's participation in the insurrection."

For experts we'd of course have to look to

@SirBemrose for tech

@voidzero for networking magic

@Therealdcgirl for relationship advice

@IllumiNadia for science

@NICKtheRAT for paranormal

@Lennoxxreverb for screaming

@CarBlanez33 for politeness

@SirMathieu for maps (not podcasting)

@coldacid for programming

@sirseatsitter for something :)

@medus for firearm safety & Legos

@SirSpencer & @Laurien for THAT stuff

Needless to say, the list could go on & on. Who's with me?


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@Johncdvorak -- after several guest shots on Grumpy Old Bens, I can attest that hanging with @darrenoneill and @SirBemrose is a righteous gas, a guaranteed pisser, and a soul-soothing tonic that will keep you smiling for days.

@adam & @Johncdvorak , another fantastic episode! By all means, smash your Apple device. A ball - peen hammer might be the best tool for the job.

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