This might be the best cover of the greatest country song ever written.

"DOCTOR" Jill and Dopey Joe put together a SUPER SPREADER event.

Nice work, imbeciles!

What NPR fails to include in this story; Hank Aaron received the Wuhan Flu vaccine 18 days ago. Imagine that.

Hank Aaron, Baseball's Legendary Slugger, Dies At 86


GOB EP #129 - Bloviating About Biden

@SirBemrose read the executive orders that Joe Biden signed on his first day as President, so we discuss them on this episode of Grumpy Old Bens!

A few years ago, I MC'd a charity auction in the San Fernando Valley. One item was lunch with
Mark Hamill, aka, Puke Skywalker. Not. One. Bid.
Not. One.

Does this place know I interviewed the table-top doctor and got intel NOBODY else did?

Listen here:


That henceforth, he shall be called

So it is written, so it shall be done.

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