@Knight_of_the_First_State Was there a show reference? I'm not caught up. I haven't had Shiner Bock since college. They used to do deposits on their cases.

@drebscott I noticed recently on the train at DIA, there were panels with emergency phones in them that looked like this: ๐Ÿ“ž
Phones don't look like that anymore. If a millennial or younger had to use the emergency phone, would they recognize the symbol?

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Post 9/11 -
Concerns about civil liberties =
Islamist radicalism sympathizer

Post Jan. 6th -
Concerns about civil liberties =
White nationalist sympathizer

@MrMaxPowers247 Funny. After my colonoscopy, the doc gave me photos taken during the procedure.

@chris Some of my lefty friends were raving about Colbert last night. What did he say?

@sizzletron All kinds of shark jumping going on these days.

@noagendashownoteslinks They're avoiding the identity narrative that the M5M likes to push.

@furgar Word is that Kubrick was a stickler for realism so he went to the moon to film it.

@lizzymoda I know, it sounds like a problem with your mouth.

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@Dianathy Why is this in the hallway and not on C-SPAN?

"I don't trust Jeff Bezos because he's a nerd with a giant penis."

~ Colin Quinn

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@butterdog What the... I've seen two-holer outhouses and wondered about them too.

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