Shrunken amygdala not depicted in the bottom frame.

Same border, different administrations

What sound does Pac-Man make?
WaPo WaPo WaPo WaPo WaPo

One wonders at the intelligence of people who eat what the left is feeding them. You can't find a piece of "journalism" (HuffPo is more journavism) and not assume it's full of half-truths/exaggerations and doesn't tell you the whole story.

I'm all for solar energy but not when it means giving money to an authoritative regime that uses slave labor to make said solar panels.

Smoked Breffist Shawshajes. Most will be given away or vac-sealed and frozen for future enjoyment.

Take the designer of Concourse C at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas and fuck him/her anally, with no lube, for an eternity. Six bathroom stalls for this. What an asshole? I have seen rest stop bathrooms that had more. The whole building shakes too.

Me, winning over a grand on a slot machine in Vegas, over 800 miles from home, wondering at the Canadians who think they live in the better country in North America.

FREE TIBET! bumper stickers were on every other car in Dead/Phish show parking lots in the 90s. That anti-China sentiment isn't alive with the neophyte hippies. Maybe this stat will change that.

Just saw this on the "Penobscot County Libertarians" FakeBook page.

Yesterday, Speaker Ryan Fecteau removed Republican & Libertarian house members from their committees after following updated CDC guidelines - and replacing them with Democrats.

But it’s totally not political theater, right?

This is hambrosia. It starts as Taylor Ham. I put a brown sugar/paprika rub on it and smoke it over cherry wood for 2 hours. Someone once told me that it will be used as currency during the apocalypse. It's fuckin' delish.

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