I went to CCD as a kid. One of the Cs stands for catechism, I think?

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@ThatDude me too, though I can't remember what it stands for anymore.

Probably why I spent a lot of time at the priests office since the sisters were getting frustrated with me.


Back in those days, priest would be smoking in his office. Small lecture about needing to study more then I got to hang out in his office until the class was over.

@hogihung @ThatDude
It's not the same church it once was; stands for Chinese Communist Doctrine.

@ThatDude Shit I wish Joe Joe would follow CCD instead of CCP,

@TriHusker @ThatDude Biden was right, CCD: Center for Communist Diseases. The official name change wasn't covered by the MSM.

@McCrappy @ThatDude Still need to follow the teaching of CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine)
Especially since espousing to be a devout Catholic.

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