As punishment, they should make him serve as doctor for the US Olympic Women's Weightlifting Team.

"Bacon has to spit on you like you're entering a segregated school."

~ Mike Rainey

With an astigmatism and double-vision, a quick glance at the TV confused the words "dystopia" for "diversity." A fitting confusion. Maybe it was Freudian?

"China is the new Germany and Russia is the Italy. It's basically China's bitch!"

~ Yannis Pappas

"Three people can wear fedoras: black people, children, and Justin Timberlake."

~ Sal Vulcano

Saagar Enjeti just referred to the ACLU as "Democratic Party Apparatchiks." I like this accurate title, given the fucktardery that has been coming from them lately.

Headphones only 

I needed a laugh and Dan's Pooh impression gets me every time.

BILLIONS of dollars of military equipment was left in the hands of the Taliban. The gun control debate in this country is over.

"Sorry if I don't want to clap for the only people who didn't lose their jobs."

~ Rosebud Baker on health care workers

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Chicken thighs, marinated in Sriracha sauce and smoked over apple wood.

Frat boys and (second wave) feminists should join forces. They want the same thing:
Unslung titties.

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