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Poland Completes Border Wall

Thousands of migrants from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Africa poured into Belarus and proceeded to the Polish border, where they endured bitter cold in their quest to cross the border

“This is part of the inhuman and really gangster-style approach of the Lukashenko regime that he is lying to people, he is misusing people … and bringing them to Belarus under the false promise of having easy entry into the EU”

Walls don't work

Well, I've put it together. Seems fine. Till now i only got THE look from the wife, so i might even live till tomorrow... 😂

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I love that the NEW "Progress Flag" facilitates the wire hanger attaching to the Black & Brown Stripes...

Margaret Sanger would be proud.

20 varieties of adenium sowed. Wife seems happy. She still doesn't know about the new grill though.... 🤣

Got the seeds! They've also sent me some plumeria as a gift. It will prolly die within a year, but... Nice of them lol

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I've ordered a new grill, so I'd like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to my wake, since my wife will inevitably find out tomorrow. Pour some scotch over my corpse, please 🤣

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Another rescue. Neighbor said "it bloomed and it's about to drop dead". And he was right. But he didn't know there's 5 pups under that pineapple. Ha!

Rhododendron about to pop open. Damn i wish I had some sort of time-lapse setup... 😂

I looked up "woman" in Urban Dictionary and i can't see anything about birthing people. Wtf?! 🤣

This abortion hysteria in the US is pretty darn ridiculous, when you think about it. I mean, the US Constitution doesn't make abortion anyone's right, and yet there are state-sponsored free abortion clinics all over the country, while even though owning a gun is actually a constitutional right, there's no single free gun dispensary. Something to think about 🤣

Italian gimmick of the day (even though it's kinda old already). On the label: "vitasnella. Pure and natural. Water that eliminates water". No my owns creativity added whatsoever. It's basically a dehydration serum, from the looks of it 🤣

Holy crap this heat is unbelievable. I've drank like a kanister worth of water today and i peed only once. I think I'm evolving shark-style metabolism. And that includes gills because of the humidity! 🤣

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