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More from today's protest against the mandatory shot In NYC, a massive crowd of protesters cross over the in NYC!


They are trying to force the firefighters, state troopers, masseuses, dental workers, teachers, nurses, doctors, &chiropractors to get the jab. This is an answer to their mandates from Oregon

@Droopinheimer any advice for one who thinks they may have gotten the Rona? Fever broke earlier this morning and wondering if I should just ride it out with zinc, vitaminC and walks outside or drive to another state and get Rendesev ere?

So besides sitting at home and doing nothing or the z-packs are there any options that would be available in Oregon for treating the Rona or this delta??

I am prepared for the PCR throwing false positives since it is being discontinued in December but trying to cover all the bases..

They are saying I need to get tested for the Rona Before they can test me for Strep which is what I think I have..

Any success on finding any infogaphics about CDC and Fauci changing their stories constantly?

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In an age of robots can we have one who looks like a Swartzenagger robot placing the medals on the athletes?

New idea.. for voter integrity have the gov take money we give to non friendly nations and pay local Rep/Dem offices to offer free IDs to any who don’t have any…PROBLEM SOLVED!

Has anyone realized you risk your life IF you do not get jabbed because you could get covid,

Yet if you get jabbed you risk your health IF you have complications from it AND
you still can catch the vid and be asymptomatic as recent sports stars have shown..??

Is this T cell test safe to get? I am being kept out of my best friend’s wedding out in Portland for not getting the jab with immuno compromised family members there but was wondering about this test as a way of showing I am safe..

Anyone thought of doing an infographic about al the lies and double standards of Fauci?

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