Remember when sports superstars were smart enough to not alienate half of their base of fans with ridiculous politics?

I know (knew? It’s been over a decade since we last talked) this person, where have I heard this before?

Am I the only person that listens to the show at Doesn't seem to bother anyone it's been taking over a day to post the latest episode.

So earlier in January, the Democrat members of the House and Senate sent a letter to the Department of Justice and the FBI accusing me of high treason, sedition, plannin an insurrection, the overthrow of our government. All patently absurd fallacious claims, but then they turned around and sent it to the media as though it was factual. Well in that, they committed malice.

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The Dr. Squatch guy is like the My Pillow of Youtube. Propping them up with like 25% of their ads.

I'm kind of wondering if there's an origin story for Adam's "Cinco De Mayo" during Ride of the Valkyries every pre show?

Nailed it..

I don't think those are part of the lyrics? Isn't it German?

The Worlds in Collision is an original printing from 1950 and it doesn't look like anybody has ever read it the pages are not even bent. The original dust cover is sun-bleached and a little bit cracked on the edges. The Earth in upheaval is a 1955 printing which I think is a few runs in for that book.

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The FBI is such a pathetic disgrace. They are a fraction of a shadow of what they pretend to be. They are barely above the class level of Hitler's SS. If I meet an agent I'll tell him to his face what a piece of shit organization I think he works for.

To pretend that hard working Americans who went to DC to protest the stealing of our election were attempting to overthrow the government and that is some kind of pressing danger they have to act on is so asinine.

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