@LadyButters @Johncdvorak A bit off topic. I looked up the guy sitting next to John. David Bunnell. When I saw what he looks like now I thought I was looking at a picture of Dutch TV judge Frank Visser. They look like twins! Frank left, David right.

@CSB what I found out thus far... cetypyridinium chloride (cpc) is present in some mouthwash and toothpaste brands. And I learned that I need to switch my mouthwash for something else. Turns out that its PH value is too low and dissolves my enamel if used too long/frequent. Going mouthwash shopping tomorrow πŸ˜‚

@mhjohnson @CSB For sure kills bacteria not sure about viruses.
But you're absolutely right. Salt does kill (and sanitize) a lot. I am a bulk user of baking soda. I use it for all the purposes mentioned on the box and more 🀣

@CSB I will too. Off to work now. I am guessing if it's a common component in mouthwash there should be toothpaste as well with that ingredient. Just checked mine... Doesn't have it.

@CSB I have also been looking into that nose spray that they tested on the minks. Working ingredient was lipopeptide. Haven't been able to find that. Did find it in a lot of beauty creams though. πŸ˜‚ Maybe we should snort that πŸ€”

@CSB just checked. I have cool mint. Need to look at the other versions because this one doesn't have it.

@CSB could be a nice trick to do before pcr procedure. My mum needs to have a negative pcr result when she wants to go back to Spain after spending Christmas here. If it's not she can't go. But also can't test negative again for months I heard. I will tell her to rinse before she gets swabbed ... Just in case 😁

@CSB don't know if it kills corona virus since I don't have it. But I started using it a few weeks ago to get rid of the rash on my forehead, caused by my (bacterial) breath that escaped from the top of my mask. Can't brush my teeth when going back from work to home (45 commute with public transportation) so I rinse with listerine before putting mask on. My skin improved visibly.

For the Dutchies or the ones familiar with Sinterklaas 🀣

@CSB Besides his own shows. Not on many though. When he announced leaving for MTV he was everywhere.

@MikeRiley @CSB Thanks for looking that up. I knew about it at the time but I had never seen it.
There's a lot missing from IMDB πŸ˜‰ For intance: Adam also featured (briefly) in a music video by Buster Poindexter (the guy from hot hot hot) I have tried to look it up but can't find it.

@CSB I'll remember that. Same goes for my submissions. Could turn into a fun exchange πŸ˜ƒ

@CSB Guess so. Can't recall any Trump mocking artwork being chosen.

@CSB oh I remember... No picking No series πŸ˜‰

@CSB πŸ˜† you can... there's still time I think.

@CSB I just noticed it's a full page for this episode alone on artwork. Nevertheless...yours wasn't all the way down, they could have scrolled.

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