Finding the first peewit egg of the year is news here. Originally a Northern Dutch/Frysian tradition that found its way to the rest of the country along with a lot of controversy.
Yesterday the first egg was found in the middle of the country. A few hours ago the first Frysian egg was found.
The finder of that Frysian egg, by tradition, gets to show up at the provincial house, gets flowers and has his photo taken for the newspaper....


And this is how we used to go about. Jumping the ditches between the fields with a pole. It's called fierljeppen. Would translate as far leaping. And it's also a professional sport in Fryslân.

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@Tante_Neel ah ok, as they are separate group not really ethnically Dutch

But raised = you are ethnically Dutch

@CSB it used to be a country by itself before the Netherlands was a country. It's like what Scotland is in the UK more or less.

@CSB current flag. The 7 heart shapes (Leaf of water lily) represents the 7 provinces of Fryslân/Friesland. The green ones in the picture you just sent. That whole area spoke the same language.

@Tante_Neel I can understand it as Poland is over 1000 years old, born in 966, but Poland was country-less occupied for 123 years 1795-1918 so I understand about being nation without country...

@CSB That's probably the reason for keeping old traditions alive. It is part of their roots. Even though I am not official Frisian I do identify as being one 😁

@CSB I speak the language... Not fluent though. I am better at reading and understanding.

@CMike 🤣funny. I have been to this place several times to see the championships.

@bufordk for the pros it's aluminum for fun it's wood. Like a thick broom stick with a wooden block at the end to prevent you from sinking into the mud on the bottom of the ditch. They're 3 to 4,5 meters in length.

Wow. I'm going tihave to get some poles. The kids will love it. But not the 13m poles 🤣

@bufordk I can't get on homedepot site but they might have it. Make sure you sand them down before use... Splinters! 😁 Keep me posted!

Ahhh. Best wood for baseball bats too. No defined grain helps make it very strong. Even with the length of those poles they probably do not bend much.
Dank U wel.

@bufordk nooo they shouldn't bend or brake. Alstublieft 😁

@Tante_Neel Most excellent! The poles barely flex at all. My kids will end up in the drink on purpose!

@Tante_Neel OK, I am watching some competition video. Do you know the significance of 1 shoe on, one shoe off?

@bufordk likely for grip because they need to climb up the pole to get them over the tipping point. Otherwise you'd fall back. There are special shoes for it but I think it depends on your foot placement if you get enough grip from both shoes. A (wet) foot likely has more grip in some cases. Which videos are you watching? Could be one from a production I was part of. I have done slomotions for years at the championships.

@bufordk it is from the station I worked for! Wasn't sure if you could see their videos. If you want to see more. Here's a full one (not a compilation) Not my slomos though. Last year I did was 2015 or so.

@MrMaxPowers247 it is fun. And it's not easy. When I was little I saw the neighbors kids practicing in ditch in front of our house. There were parts with water and mud. That's where they practiced. They asked me if I wanted to try. I ended up to my neck in the mud. They laught and I ran home screaming.
Dad had seen it all happen and was waiting for me whith his video camera rolling. I did try it again. On the dry parts first. Practiced all summer and joined them on the egg hunt the next year.

@Tante_Neel Oof. That green swamp water sure motivates you to successfully do the jump.

@SemiNorwegian it's duckweed. Supposedly very nutritious. If you were to fall in you could wring out your clothes above your lunch salad 😂

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