It's almost to the day that the previous one fell down.
That one could have hit NYC if it was 15 minutes off.

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Still a lot of unknowns about that chinese core rocket (pictured) dropping out of the sky. The only almost certain thing is when ..this sunday. But nobody knows where.
The predictions are all over the place.
About12 hrs ago it looked like it would drop above North East Africa (Sudan) Now it's off the east coast of Costa Rica.
Here's a link where you can see it's current position and right above that map is a link to the predictions.

To the Anonymous producer from NC (show 1344) who has CPS against them.

I don't know if this is of any help, but his story is so similar to the ones told in "Do No Harm" a podcast I listened to last november.

On this site they collected several stories and possibly something their lawyer can work with.

I hope this nightmare ends soon.
Sending you karma!

@adam @Johncdvorak

LOL this is weird. I started watching the SN15 test flight right after posting this. Had two streams on. One of them (still live) made me laugh.
Go to where it says 6:08 in the left bottom, which is right after the thing landed. Guess what he thought was the most appropriate tune to play 😂

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Hope you all nailed it today!
Happy cinco de maaaaaayooooooo


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That 512 error earlier on NAS left me with a nice notification number.

It doesn't go away 😄

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My new favourite end of show mix.

♫it's time to do it now in the morningggg ♪

Is Geoff on NAS?

No Agenda quote about Bidens speech at Amtrak:

"When he lost his TRAIN of thought he tells you to think about it" 😂


That In the Morning tune is CATCHY!!!!

Who made that?

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I'ts almost showday! Who's ready??? Well, Now YOU TOO can join John C Dvorak as he cracks open a cold one with RIBBON available at 🍻👈👈 to promote & support the in the universe!!!
@adam @Johncdvorak

This is my best friend Memphis.
Today is his 9th birthday ❤️🎉

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