At 7:24pm ET the DART spacecraft will crash into an asteroid to see if that could change the asteroid's orbit.
Here's the live broadcast of the crash.

New British pound coin.
With build in listening device. 😂

🤫Don't tell them about us.

They are looking for unvaxxed covid immuun people to pull into another genetic experiment. 🙃😆

...finding immune people is an increasingly tricky task...only a small minority fit the narrow criteria of probably having encountered the virus yet having no antibodies against it...

...a lot of people were getting vaccinated, which is great, don’t get me wrong,” says Vinh. “But those are not the people we want.”...

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my new

“Are cats more intelligent than dogs?”

( inspired by chitchat with @Tante_Neel ; moar cartoonz: )


That Vaxoline end of show mix never gets old. 🐐

Uh oh....

Following further evaluation this morning, The Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision.

This is weird. At 9 seconds she dubbed herself with a different text than she originally spoke on camera.
Never seen this done like this.
I would have used a full screen image of the tweet, that is shown on the screen behind her, to cover up this edit.

Now I am curious about what she said initially... Any lipreaders around?

There's a British woman named Liz Trussell and she tweets under the name LizTruss.
She's been busy today 😂 😂 😂

@NetNed I was looking at the other art submitted yesterday. Your open swim piece is cute and colorful but I am not sure what it refers to. Can you explain?

@adam En deze.... is voor jou 😘
Hieperdepiepindegloria 🎉

They are upping the game here 🔥

Last week a restaurant close to my house was completely destroyed by fire.

Yesterday afternoon a short circuit + fire at a high-voltage substation caused all kinds of havoc in the whole provence.

A high-voltage cable that fell on an overhead line near Swifterbant after the power outage sent an enormous amount of power to the train network, burning out switches and cables.

Article with photos and videos.

Last night (for me) At the end of yesterday's No Agenda my mum heard a loud boom. I still had my earphones in and didn't hear it. I did hear the sirens plus the barking dogs across the street.
This morning I saw on the news that a restaurant (out of my sight but only a few hundred meters from my house) was ablaze.
This afternoon I passed it on my way to work. Sad to see it's gone.

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