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@BlueDouche @CoramDeo @RyanTheHunter antifa is definitely not antifa--antifa pukes will fuck men or purple haired fatty slut types, not incels

fourth of July, on lake Erie... the way is must forever more shall be

The welder lifts his hood and glares menacingly at the pizza guy. The pizza guy gets a terrifying injection of reality.

He notices the front door to the building is locked and behind him....

A soft voice....


All goes silent. All goes black.

The revolution has begun.....

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He notices something shocking on his way out. He notices the welder is welding things to the butt plugs. Sharp things. Jagged things. Terrible things. Things that should not belong on such beautiful, smooth, shiny surfaces of rectum stimulating joy and wonder.

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Unbeknownst to his situation of being part of the "elite/ruling/upper class" in the thrall of 50 machinists and operators, he sets the pizza down on the break room table and takes the payment from the boss. He proceeds to leave and carry on with his next delivery in his Lamborghini he bought with all his bitcoin tips.

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The year is 2022, sometime in early February...

The pizza guy enters the shop to deliver the weekly anti-mutiny pizza. He notices something is wrong this time around though....

The machinists and operators have crashed their machines in protest of ever decreasing wages. They're all holding very well machined, shiny, but strikingly large butt plugs. He wonders to himself if this place had started a high end butt plug business but then wonders why the machines are all blinking red.

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