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@Tacos If that pisses you off, you must hate the US government.

New YouTube video out: The 50th Anniversary Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta!


I specifically said I was staying here so I could get a mug. Nothing pisses me off more than unnecessary waste.

Only gas station in a 40 mile radius. I just had to pee and they made me put a mask on. New Mexico - what the hell?! Get your shit together. This is absurd.

It instantly went into the trash as soon as I left. Thank goodness I had gas so I didn’t have to give them any money.

I just witness an infamous Millenial not calling out a line cutter situation @Johncdvorak always talks about 🤣

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Dinner tonight. I’m thanking god for the folks I’ve met from The Beef Initiative. I’m feeling like Anthony Bourdain traveling around peoples farms and eating their beef. It’s incredible.

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imo the west is ignorant of africa because the western govs want it that way

imagine if people paid attention to the chinese goings on, or the american lead coups, or the french running currencies, plural, or the slave markets that opened up thanks to obama

people would be like wtf how can this place exist with all the bullshit those western countries talk on their own countries

gov school strikes again, i def dont give american blacks a pass


PEOPLE - Africa is not one country.

Stop pushing this bizarre narrative that Africa is one cohesive place. It makes it seem so much smaller, less civilized, and insignificant on the global scale.

I’m seeing this more and more and I just had to get it off my chest.

Still so many masks in New Mexico. I’m shocked.

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Freedom is dangerous. Live dangerously, my friend.

It was a good day even though it rained.

I freaking love flying my drone and I freaking love fall.

I’ll work on fixing the color on my drone before the next flight. Not sure what’s up with it.

I love that my fiancé has a podcast. When he’s not with me on road trips I can just play his show and pretend he’s talking to me instead of his cohost

MMO.show - go have yourself a listen too

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