I'm not against mail in voting, I'm just for for "ballot control" and "common sense ballot laws"!!

Europe On Alert After Unknown Radioactivity Spike Detected Over Baltic Sea

"The additional particles were picked up by the sensors last Monday and Tuesday, and confirmed by the nuclear monitoring organization. Zerbo pointed out, however, that it wasn't at levels harmful for human health."

That's news to me. It wasn't even mentioned in the EU MSM news sources. Appears like they missed another opportunity to attack Russia.


Animated No Agenda - God Willing, We'll Have a Vaxeline

📺 youtube.com/watch?v=Exu8dHBZl_

From Episode 1254 of the No Agenda Show with Adam Curry and John C Dvorak. Very special thanks to Jon Noles for producing this clip! You too can show ...

"Why I Love Robocop (1987)"

A lot of good cautionary political and corporate commentary in this film.


Tim Apple’s H1Bs can’t math. Since when is this “almost full?”

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