"Canadian Overseas Petroleum Limited (COPL), an oil and gas company based in Alberta, estimated in January that federal leases it holds in Natrona and Converse counties overlie most of a reservoir containing 1.5 to 1.9 billion barrels of oil."

Why a Canadian company? 🧐

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Okay...first of all don't poison people.
Second of all..."hot lemonade"?! Isn't that Lemon Herbal Tea? twitter.com/USATODAY/status/15

"Langya' henipavirus — or LayV — was detected in 35 people in the country's eastern Henan and Shandong provinces.

It belongs to a family of viruses that are known to kill up to three quarters of humans in severe cases.

None of the new cases have resulted in death and most are mild, with patients experiencing flu-like symptoms."

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Dear Canadian Rush fans:

I hope you like Red Barchetta, because trudeau is trying to make you live it.

Side note: Yes, your deductible applies even if you're not at fault. Please be smart about the amount you choose. $500 or less is best. I've seen deductibles as high as $2500.
Very. Bad. Idea.

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I enjoy my work in auto claims...for the most part. However, I'm astonished by the number of people who throw a fit over being asked to do a simple task that's to their benefit. "What do I pay you for?"


New Primus.

Look at that there fool talkin' lots of shine
To turkeys in the rain filling heads with brine
A fancy little fool with fancy little ways
Churning bullshit into butter 'cause butter always pays

But who's the bigger fool?
Is it the fool?
Is it the fool who follows the fool?
Is it the fool who follows the fool who follows the fool?


"Late last month, the CDC confirmed that two young children had been diagnosed with monkeypox. Although almost all infections in the United States are associated with men who have sex with men, the virus is spreading rapidly and, through household exposure or other transmission routes, could soon turn up in other populations, such as infants, adolescents, and pregnant people (including their fetuses)."

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