When you think about it, official womandom is pretty selfish.

@Synclair He makes a good point on the surface, but I don't understand the obsession with midterm elections. I think it's a moot point.

They already stole 2020, and even after massive investigations and overwhelming evidence of fraud across the board, Joe sits in office. Why do people think that "they" are worried about the midterms? At this point they could just say, "Sorry, elections aren't happening this year, we're just going to put the following people in office..." and I have a strong feeling that, after much whining and complaining, everyone would just accept it.

There will never be another real election in this country as it stands today, and I wonder how many elections in the past were "real." I guess maybe the illusion of choice, even though most of us know it's just an illusion, makes us feel better in some sad way.

@victor @Synclair
I don't think that that will be the case for the simple reason that at the top, the leaders of the Democrats and Republicans are one in the same... and the Republicans will easily win and dominate after the midterm elections. But those at the top running the Republicans will keep all the bad elements that the Democrats put in place, and add their own elements.

The "other side" will win during the midterm elections. But it's always only one side.

@victor @Synclair

"Sorry, elections aren't happening this year, we're just going to put the following people in office..."

Won't happen... I'll make you a bet on it. The "other side" will win. But it's all an illusion of choice of no real choice. You can't maintain that be saying, "no elections." And they wouldn't want to either.

@victor @Synclair

Maybe because EVERY House Congressman MUST be re-elected every two years and Senators only every 6?

Those people write the laws we must live our lives to, whether we voted for them or not.

Same goes for EVERY local election.

But never mind that, you are stuck on 2020 when in reality they have been fucking us with popularity contests for decades.

Grow up and get with the game or go cower into your corner and let them keep fucking you.

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