@Synclair I must admit this particular style of heightened contrast post-processing I do find appealing. Not that any picture of Mark Zuckerberg is appealing, though.

@Synclair Trump not pardoning Assange or Ulbricht is one of the biggest wimp outs of his term

@HiroProtagonist @Synclair

entirely understandable

he is a conservative

they won't pardon anyone who rats out on the US

so, not a wimp out for him

I thought it was a total wimp out. The rats Assange outed do not get my sympathy.

@HiroProtagonist @Synclair

that may be true

what the soldiers did (under orders) was kill unarmed reporters

but a right wing president will simply never pardon that

or even a centrist democrat
@HiroProtagonist @Synclair

yes, you will have to

it's always a compromise

with Trump you got pro-2A and 1A

but some things you don't want
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