@Synclair I must admit this particular style of heightened contrast post-processing I do find appealing. Not that any picture of Mark Zuckerberg is appealing, though.

@Synclair Trump not pardoning Assange or Ulbricht is one of the biggest wimp outs of his term

@HiroProtagonist @Synclair

entirely understandable

he is a conservative

they won't pardon anyone who rats out on the US

so, not a wimp out for him

I thought it was a total wimp out. The rats Assange outed do not get my sympathy.

@HiroProtagonist @Synclair

that may be true

what the soldiers did (under orders) was kill unarmed reporters

but a right wing president will simply never pardon that

or even a centrist democrat
@HiroProtagonist @Synclair

yes, you will have to

it's always a compromise

with Trump you got pro-2A and 1A

but some things you don't want
@Synclair Well worth noting though, that people are willing provide information to Facebook. Nobody puts gun into your head and say: "open a facebook account, and fill everyform. Then post every day like a good servant."

The whole social media castle is depending on people's willingness on giving. If people wouldn't do that, facebook would be out of business and it would be a footnote in internet history.

Good job humans, well I mean sheeps.

@parasurv @Synclair

You are forgetting the old argument of the Frankfurt School (that's still valid imho):

Corporations (like Facebook) argue that they are giving people exactly what they want. But with this they are referring to people as 'free individuals', which they have ceased to be, under the permanent influence of same corporations.

Well, you are still aware of it, calling them sheeps ;-)

@parasurv @Synclair Don't forget about all the trackers (aka the "Like" buttons and such) all around the Internet. I can never visit Facebook and still have a shadow-account.

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