@Synclair Pretty sure Ben Garrison made that cartoon ahead of the 2018 midterm election that the Democrats ended up winning decisively, regaining control of the House in the process. Basically the exact kind of overconfidence I fear Trump supporters suffer from this time around too.
@ChristiJunior @Synclair Republicans crushed the Democrats in the 2010 midterms, but went on to lose against Obama in 2012, so there's that.
@ChristiJunior @Synclair Paul Ryan's House did the ALL CUCK agenda, blocking every important piece of Trump's legislation. Nothing but tax cuts for the rich.

Trump's agenda is on a whole different level. He fights for nothing less than liberation from coronabullshit lockdowns. A vote for Trump is a vote for real freedom.
@ThreeOneThreeChris @Synclair It wasn't much of a "Blue Wave", but it sure wasn't a Red Wave either. Losing the House was pretty damn bad, producing that whole Impeachment farce. Thankfully the Democrats' Kavanaugh debacle really ended up fucking over some of their most vulnerable Senators in 2018, making ACB pretty much a lock this year.
@ThreeOneThreeChris @ChristiJunior @Synclair The secret of 2018 is that 40+ GOP cucks chose not to run for reelection to THROW the House to the Democrats.
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