NSFW warning, something no one talks about is how awful Chinese are to animals. From burning hair of of dogs and skinning cats alive to putting turtles and goldfish in key chain charms. This doesnot even ciover things like tiger penis soup.

my nephew liam was born today. 7 lbs 14 oz

OANN News:
Reports: Former IG Atkinson involved in FISA abuse, collusion hoax
One America News Network

BREAKING: House Republican Demands Congress Defund WHO Until Chief Resigns


IMO, it's time for the feces to hit the fan all over the world & here!

"You're a disgrace.." Steve Bannon goes off on Henry Kissinger and the Davos clique.

So my wife had a headache and coughed once while at work yesterday. So she got sent home. And now none of us are allowed to leave the house at all anymore. Today she went and got tested by guys in big blue Hazmat suits. Fun times!


Slate CRM Consultant


SIG is seeking experienced technical/functional consultants to help clients develop, design and implement Slate® CRM solutions for colleges and universities.

The ideal candidate must possess strong experience with Slate® CRM and their underlying software. Web development skills are preferred.

*** Extensive travel and direct experience with leading Slate® CRM projects is required. ***

Instructional Designer



Reporting to the Director of Instructional Design, is responsible for the design, development, implementation and maintenance of online academic courses and programs for both American Career College and West Coast University.

Judicial Watch has filed an official complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics about Rep. Ilhan Omar potential violations of law. Let us know if you agree that Rep. #IlhanOmar SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED by signing the petition HERE: jwatch.us/KdQrkR  twitter.com/JudicialWatch/stat
#judicialwatch #Congress

Full-List of bots: joejoe.github.io/mastodon

It really sucks being a truck driver and the nearest bathroom is a quarter mile away on the other side of the truckstop.

@Synclair @BlueDouche @Therealdvorak I wonder if _anyone_ from the NA network has actually been, or has family that has been diagnosed.. I don't recall hearing anything on the show.

@BlueDouche @Synclair this actually made me laugh out loud. It is sad. I just watched the vid in @Therealdvorak latest tweet - fucking empty hospitals are making me sick.

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