@Synclair Knife is a little nice, must be new to this socialism thing.

@bagofshit @RoboftheVolcano @Synclair Things don't go well for harmless people who play Crash Bandicoot while making salsa, but lately you can floor it through crowds on the highway and only hit terrorists.

@Synclair if they were not causing trouble i'm pretty sure the cops would not have fire rubber bullets at them.!

@Synclair me either. Also looks like he/she/it didnt get the message on the first attempt! Roflmao

@Synclair Better than the alternative they could be using. Unfortunately I doubt they will learn the proper lesson from the experience.

Rubber bullets are working properly. Not seeing the problem here.

@Synclair you are mistaken. I was taught this, and followed it for a while, and fiercely resent having been lied to this way today. Individuals who are well behaved are not rewarded, and the teacher betrays his duty to his students for selfish reasons when he preaches this falseness for what is his own convenience.

However, a mass learning classroom is ineffective without this sort of suppression, so we may never be rid of the fallout from these convenient lies. Unless I suppose you hire a tutor for your kids.
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