Former Clinton Aide who was responsible for setting up her notorious "private email server" was one of the organizers of a secret Liberal election fundraiser last week in NYC, True North has learned. Here's our latest 🇨🇦#exclusive report:

"WATCH: Female Trump Supporter Sucker-Punched By Left-Wing Protester"

Andy Ngo @MrAndyNgo

"After the @realDonaldTrump rally in Minneapolis, his supporters were attacked by left-wing extremists. An unprovoked assault on a woman was caught on camera by @AlphaNewsMN. Mayor @Jacob_Frey defends charging Trump campaign $530k for public safety. #antifa

Now tell us this isn't a war.

Oh @Synclair I seem to have the habit of casting the jaundice eye on O'Keefe, and a hand on my wallet.

Reminds me of Clark Gable's grandson on "Cheaters".

I can remember O'Keefe cheating early on, and since then, everything has been underwhelming, for me.

This might gain some traction, but I'd lay down a sawbuck it does not.

Interesting nonetheless. Thanks for the share.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter:
"“Congressman Adam Schiff, who when seeing the REAL Ukraine phone call Transcript decided he’d better make up one of his own. ‘I’m going to say this only SEVEN times, so you better listen good. I want you to MAKE UP DIRT ON MY POLITICAL OPPONENT, UNDERSTAND, LOTS OF IT, AND BY THE WAY, DON’T CALL ME AGAIN, I’LL CALL YOU WHEN YOU’VE DONE WHAT I’VE ASKED.’” A reminder, that wasn’t just stupid, it was FALSE.” @greggutfeld @GregGutfeldShow @FoxNews I never said this. Schiff made it up and read it to Congress & the American People. End Witch Hunt!" / Twitter

@Synclair CNN is biased, everyone working there knows it and talks about it. Yadda yadda.

Come back to me when there are recording of Hillary threatening to out Zucker as p3d0 if he doesn't do her bidding.

PART 1: CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS

I had no idea she was a “climate scientist”

JANE FONDA: I’ve been ‘a climate scientist for decades and decades’

@Synclair Considering how I never watch the news at all it's safe to say that it has already been replaced by another format.

Oh @Synclair anyone acting as shade for these commie bastards should be ridden out on a rail, then tarred and feathered, then drawn and quartered.

To borrow a phrase: Yellow Devils.

and don't forget 🇹🇼

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