Lot of people are jumping on the Sig train. And all the local gun stores are pushing the P320 like it's the best thing ever... Seems fishy 🤔

Just got an emergency message on my phone about Phase 3 Covid restrictions in Illinois.... Wtf

Veterans Day, that means watching Band Of Brothers from beginning to end

Certain regions of Illinois (including mine) getting locked down even harder. So many businesses will not make it.

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Today's episode only showing up as 1 hr 9 minutes on Pocketcasts. Is it the app or feed? @adam

What an eye opener watching the Confirmation hearings. A lot of these Senators are sooooo passed their shelf life and out of touch. We need term limits badly

Watching Biden on Fox, he's a Fomer!

I haven't laughed this hard in a while

Looking to put Linux on a Laptop just to play around and maybe learn a few things. Should I just install Ubuntu to start off or do any Dudes Named Ben recommend anything else? Keep in mind I'm a Linux n00b

Huge news if you're a gamer

Microsoft's Xbox expands, buying ZeniMax Media and Fallout maker Bethesda for $7.5 billion - CNET

Wonder if we'll ever hear about the Pinephone on an OTG segment.....

@PhoneBoy you inspired me with your non stop running reports to do this, thanks!

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